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Compiled by Hazel Medd and Ina Biermann

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1. Alphabetical(author) list of publications
ADAM, Ian & Tiffin, Helen (eds) 1993 Past the Last Post: Theorizing Post Colonialism and Post Modernism. New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo & Singapore: Harvester Wheatsheaf.

Post colonialism, literary, post modernism, literary

ADAMSON, Sylvia 1989 With double tongue: Diglossia, stylistics and the teaching of English. In: Short, Mick (ed.) Reading, Analysing and Teaching Literature. London & New York: Longman.

Teaching of English, synonyms, diglossia, literary language, lexical split, voices, dramatic, poetic, narrative

ADAMSON, Sylvia 1993 Subjectivity in narration: Empathy and echo; Proceedings of colloquium Status of Subject in Linguistic Theory. London, 19 20 March 1993. In: Yaguello, Marina (ed.) Subjecthood and Subjectivity: The Status of the Subject in Linguistic Theory. Ophrys; Inst. fr. du Royaume Uni.

Review by Weber, Jean Jacques in YWES 75 (1994) under Stylistics, Chapter I, section 8.

Subjectivity in narration

ADAMSON, Sylvia 1994 From empathetic deixis to empathetic narrative: stylisation and (de)subjectivisation as processes of language change. Transactions of the Philological Society 92, : 55 88.

Discussed by Weber, Jean Jacques in YWES 75 (1994) under Stylistics, Chapter I, section 8.

Subjectivism, seventeenth century Puritan, free indirect discourse, empathetic narrative, Bunyan, John, Grace abounding

ADDISON, Catherine 1993 Introduction to the study of simile. College English 55(4): 402 419. April.


ALDERSON, J. Charles & Short, Mick 1989 Reading literature. In: Short, Mick (ed.) Reading, Analysing and Teaching Literature. London & New York: Longman.

Stylistic analysis and interpretation, reading: literary versus non literary texts

ALLEN, Sture 1989 Possible Worlds in Humanities, Arts and Sciences. Berlin: de Gruyter.

Possible worlds

AMEL, R. 1994 Relevance and justification. Semiotica 102 (1/2):71-88.


AMIGIONI, David 1993 Victorian Biography: Intellectuals and the Ordering of Discourse. Harvester Wheatsheaf.

Biography, discourse theory, Bakhtinian and Foucauldian

ANDERSON, Linda 1995 Women and Autobiography in the Twentieth Century. Prentice Hall/Harvester Wheatsheaf.

Autobiographical writing

ANDERSON, M. & Merrell, F. (eds) 1991 On Semiotic Modelling. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.


ANDREWS, J. (ed.) 1991 Poetics of the Text. Amsterdam: Rodopi.


ANDREWS, J. (ed.) 1992 Rebirth of Rhetoric: Essays in Language, Culture and Education. London: Routledge.

Review by Soyland, John 1993 Language and Literature 2(3): 225 227.


ANTCZAK, Frederick J. (ed.) 1995 Rhetoric and Pluralism: Legacies of Wayne Booth. Columbus: Ohio State University Press.


ANYIDOHO, Akossua Stylistic features of Nnwonkoro, and Akan female song tradition. Text 15: 317-336.

Song, Nnwonkora, Akan

APRESJAN, Y.D. 1992 Lexical Semantics: User's Guide to Contem­porary Russian Vocabulary. Ann Arbor, MI: Karoma Publishers Inc.


ARMSTRONG, I. 1993 Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics and Politics. London: Routledge.

Poetry, Victorian, poetics

ARTEAGA, A. (ed.) 1994 An Other Tongue: Nation and Ethnicity in the Linguistic Borderlands. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Language, nation and ethniticy

ASHER, R. (ed.-in-chief) 1994 The Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics. Pergamon Press.

Language, linguistics

ASHLINE, William L. 1995 The problem of impossible fictions. Style 29 (2): 215 234.

Impossible fictions, typology of

ATKIN, Graham; Walsh, Chris & Watkins, Susan (eds) 1995 Studying Literature: A Practical Introduction. New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo & Singapore: Harvester Wheatsheaf.

Literature, the teaching of

ATTRIDGE, Derek 1982 The Rhythms of English Poetry. Harlow: Longman.


ATTRIDGE, Derek 1988 Peculiar Language: Literature as Difference from the Renaissance to James Joyce. London: Methuen

Literary theory

ATTRIDGE, Derek 1989 Molly's flow: the writing of Penelope and the question of women's language. Modern Fiction Studies Special issue: feminist readings of Joyce. Carol Jones (ed.), 35(3): 543 565.

James Joyce, Women's language, feminist reading, narratology

ATTRIDGE, Derek (ed.) 1990a The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce. Cambridge, New York, Port Chester, Melbourne & Sydney: Cambridge University Press.

Joyce, James, the style of

ATTRIDGE, Derek 1990b Rhythm in English poetry. New Literary History 21: 1015 1037.

Rhythm, English poetry

ATTRIDGE, Derek 1991 Arche jargon. Qui parle 5(1): 41 52.


ATTRIDGE, Derek (ed.) 1992 Derrida, Jacques. Acts of Literature. London: Routledge.

Derrida, Jacques, literary theory

ATTRIDGE, Derek 1994 The sense variously drawn out: analyzing phrasal repetition and movement. SPELL, Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature.


ATTRIDGE, D. 1995 Poetic Rhythm: An Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Review by Barney, Tom in Language and Literature 5(3): 228-30, 1996. Review by Wright, G. in Style 31(1):148-194.1997

Poetic rhythm, scansion, virtual offbeat, rhythmic phrasing

ATTRIDGE, Derek 1996a Beyond metrics. Review-article of Rhythmic Phrasing in English Verse by Richard Cureton. Longman, 1992. Poetics Today 17(1): 9-27


ATTRIDGE, Derek [1987] 1996 Closing statement: Linguistics and poetic in retrospect. In: Weber, Jean Jacques (ed.) The Stylistics Reader: From Roman Jakobson to the Present. London, New York, Sydney & Auckland: Arnold.

Formalist stylistics, the reader in Jakobson's communication model

ATTRIDGE, Derek forthcoming The linguistic model and its applications. In: Selden, Raman (ed.) The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, vol. 8. Cambridge University Press.

Model, the linguistic, applications

ATTRIDGE, Derek forthcoming Narrativity in Finnegan's Wake. In: Beja, Morris & Norris, David (eds) Joyce in the Hibernian Metropolis: Essays. University of Ohio Press.

Joyce James, narrativity

AUERBACH, E. (transl. R. Mannheim) 1993 Literary Language and its Public in late Latin Antiquity and in the Middle Ages. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Literary language, classical studies

AUSTIN, Timothy R. 1994 Poetic Voices: Discourse Linguistics and the Poetic Text. Alabama: University of Alabama Press.

Discussed by Weber, Jean Jacques in YWES 75(1994) under Stylistics, Chapter I, section 8. Review by Herman, Vimala in Language and Literature 6 (1): 71-6, 1997

Poetic text, Wordsworth, William, Shelley, Percy Bysshe, Tennyson, Alfred Lord, discourse linguistics

AZIM, Firdous 1993 The Colonial Rise of the Novel. London: Routledge.

Review by Mills, Sara in Language and Literature 4 (2): 147-9, 1995

Novel, Brönte, Charlotte, imperialism, (post-)colonialism

BADENHAUSEN, Richard 1996 Representing experience and reasserting identity: The rhetoric of combat in British literature of World War I. Style 30(2): 268 88. Summer.

Rhetoric, British literature, World War I

BAILEY, P & MILLER, D.R. 1993 Texts and Contexts of the American Dream: A Social Semiotic Study of Political Language. Bologna: Pitagora.

Semiotics, political language

BAILEY, R.W. 1992 Images of English. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

BAL, Mieke 1986 The language of subjectivity. In: D'haen, Theo (ed.) Linguistics and the Study of Literature. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Ideology, narratology

BAL, Mieke De theorie van vertellen en verhalen. Translated by van Boheemen, Christine, [1985]1997Narratology - Introduction to the Theory of Narrative. New York:University of Toronto Press.

Narratology, theory

BAL, Mieke 1992 Narratology and the rhetoric of trashing. Review-article of Narrative as Communication by Didier Coste. Com­parative Literature 44(3): 293 306. Summer.


BALDICK, Chris 1990 The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms. New York: Oxford University Press.

Literary terms, glossaries of

BALDICK, C. 1996 Criticism and Literary Theory from 1890 to the Present. London: Longman.

Criticism, literary theory

BANKS, David 1991 Some observations concerning transitivity and modality in scientific writing. Language Sciences 13(1): 59 87.

Linguistic stylistics, scientific writing, transitivity, modality

BANKS, David 1992 Men, women and transitivity in To the Lighthouse and A Farewell to Arms. In: Tosser, Y. & P. Galliou (eds) Mirroirs de la femme dans la littérature d'expression anglaise. Brest: Groupe de Recherche sur le Roman et la Nouvelle de Langue Anglaise, Université de Bretagne Occidentale.

BANKS, D. 1993 Writ on Water: Aspects of the Scientific Journal Article. Bretagne: ERLA.

Scientific writing

BARBE, Katharina 1995 Irony in Context. Amsterdam: Benjamins.


BARBER, C. 1993 The English Language: A Historical Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

English language, the history of the

BARCELONA, A. 1995 Metaphorical models of romantic love in Romeo and Juliet. Journal of Pragmatics 24: 667-688.

Metaphor, Romantic love, Romeo and Juliet

BARFOOT, C.C. (ed.) 1994 In Black and Gold: Contiguous Traditions in Post War British and Irish Poetry. DQR Studies in Literature. Amsterdam & Atlanta: Rodopi.


BARON, M. 1995 Wordsworth's Writing. Harlow: Longman.

Wordsworth, William

BARRY, Peter (1995) Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Critical Theory. Manchester University Press.

Review by Clavo, C in YWES 76 (1995) under Stylistics, Chapter 1, section 9.

BATH, M. 1994 Speaking Pictures: English Emblem Books and Renaissance Culture. London: Longman.

BAUER, Sheila 1994 The language of power: a feminist reading of `Nu noch'. Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies/Revue Canadienne d'Etudes Neerlandaises (CJNS) 15(2): 31 3. Fall.

Language and power

BAYNHAM, M. 1995 Literacy Practices. London: Longman.

Literacy, social contexts of

BEDETTI, Gabriella 1992 Henri Meschonnic: rhythm as pure historicity. New Literary History 23(2): 431 450. Spring.

Rhythm, Meschonnic's theory of

BELL, I. 1994 Henry Fielding: Authorship and Authority. London: Longman.

Fielding, Henry, authorship, authority, context, biographical and cultural

BELL, A. & Garrett, P. (eds) 1997 Approaches to Media Discourse. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers

Media discourse

BELLARD THOMSON, C. 1992 The Literary Stylistics of French. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Stylistics, French

BENNETT, A. (ed.) 1995 Readers and Reading. London: Longman.

Reader, reading

BENNISON, Neil 1993 Discourse analysis, pragmatics and the dramatic "character": Tom Stoppard's Professional Foul. Language and Literature 2(2): 79 99.

Character, co operative principle, discourse analysis, Politeness Phenomenon, Politeness Principle, pragmatics, Professional Foul, Stoppard, Tom, topic, turn

BENNISON, N. 1998 Accessing character through conversation: Tom Stoppard's Professional Foul. In: Culpeper,J., Short, M. & Verdon, P. (eds.) Exploring the Language of Drama: From Text to Context. (Interface series). London: Routledge.

Literary pragmatics, Conversation, character

BENSON, James D., Greaves, William S. & Cummings, M. (eds.) 1988 Linguistics in a Systemic Perspective. Amsterdam: Benjamins

Systemic linguistics

BENSON, James D. & Greaves, William S. 1992 The notion of technicality in register: A case study from the language of bridge. In: Davies, M. & Ravelli, L. (eds) Advances in Systemic Linguistics. London: Pinter.

General stylistics

BENSON, James D., Greaves, William S. & Stillar, Glenn 1995 Transitivity and ergativity in The Lotus Eaters. Language and Literature 4(1): 31 48.

Bakhtin, Mikhail, dialogism, heteroglossia, systemic functional linguistics, Tennyson, Alfred Lord, The Lotus Eaters

BENZEL, Kathryn N. 1994 Reading readers in Virginia Woolf's Orlando: A Biography. Style 28(2): 169 82. Summer.

Woolf, Virginia, Orlando: A Biography, conventions, biographical, fictional, reader, cooperative interaction of

BERGER, Arthur Asa 1992 Popular Culture Genres. London: Sage.

Genre analysis, popular culture

BERGER, Arthur Asa 1996 Narratives in Popular Culture, Media, and Everyday Life. London: Sage.

Narrative theory, narrative techniques, applied to popular forms of mass media

BERGNER, J. 1995 The openness of medieval texts. in Jucker, Andreas H. (ed.) Historical Pragmatics. John Benjamins.

Literary pragmatics, medieval texts

BERNHEIMER, Charles (ed.) 1995 Comparative Literature in the Age of Multicul­turalism. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Review by Nieragden, Göran in Referatedienst für Literaturwissenschaft 28 (1): 7-10, 1996.

Comparative literature, multiculturalism

BERNSTEIN, Cynthia Goldin (ed.) 1994 The Text and Beyond: Essays in Literary Linguistics. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

Discussed by Weber, Jean Jacques in YWES 75 (1994) under Stylistics, Chapter I, section 8.

Literary linguistics

BERNSTEIN, Mashey 1994 `What a parrot talks': the Janus nature of Anglo Irish writing. In: Bernstein, Cynthia Goldin (ed.) The Text and Beyond: Essays in Literary Linguistics. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

Literary linguistics, Anglo Irish writing

BERNTSEN, Dorthe & Kenney, John M. 1994 Contradictions between meta­phors: A means of expressing an attitude. Metaphor and Symbolic Activity 9(3): 193 209.


BEX, Tony 1988 Teaching literature across cultures: A linguistic approach. Parlance 1(2): 35 55.

ELT, literature teaching, culture, stylistics

BEX, Tony 1992 Genre as context. Journal of Literary Semantics XXI(I): 1 16.

Discussed by Weber, Jean Jacques in YWES 73 (1992) under Stylistics.

Genre, text types, literariness, style, context

BEX, Tony 1992 Report on a workshop on "literariness" SEMLS Occasional Papers No. 1: 12 pp.

Style, text types, reader response, literariness

BEX, Tony 1993a The genre of advertising. Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire 71: 719 732.

Genre, text types, advertising, register

BEX, Tony 1993b Standards of English in Europe. Multilingua 12(3): 249 264.

ELT, text types, language standardisation, syllabus design

BEX, Tony 1994a The problem of culture and English language teaching in Europe. IRAL XXII(I): 57 67.

ELT, syllabus design, language standardisation, text types

BEX, Tony 1994b The relevance of genre. In: Verdonk, Peter & Sell, Roger (eds) Literature and the New Interdisciplinarity: Poetics, Linguistics History. Amsterdam & Atlanta: Rodopi.

Discussed by Weber, Jean Jacques in YWES 75 (1994) under Stylistics, Chapter I, section 8.

Genre, reading conventions, relevance theory

BEX, T. 1995 Keats and the disappearing self: Aspects of deixis in odes. In:Green, K. (ed.) 1995 New Essays in Deixis: Discourse, Narrative, Literature. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Deixis, Keats, Odes

BEX, T. 1996 Variety in Written English: Text in Society/Societies in Text. London: Routledge.

Review by Banks, David in Language and Literature 6(3): 233-236, 1997. Review by Devitt, A. in The Modern Language Journal 82(2): 273-274

Varieties of English, genre theory, relevance to the study of literary texts

BIERMANN, Ina 1988 Sound in poetry: the role of phonetics in the study of poetic language as exemplified in the study of a sonnet by Gerard Manley Hopkins. SA Journal of Linguistics 6(3): 15 29. July.

Foregrounding, sound repetition, poetry, the phonetic transcription of, Hopkins, G.M., sound in poetry, the function of

BIERMANN, Ina 1992 Reading Can Themba's The Suit I: the communicative function of structural aspects. In: Gräbe, Ina & Zara Jackson (eds) Literary Theory and the Teaching of Literature/Literatuurwetenskap en letterkundeonderwys. Pretoria: University of South Africa.

Narratology, structuralist, Themba, Can, short story, narrative text, story, narration, act of, literature, the teaching of

BIERMANN, Ina 1993 Intertextuality as parallelism in two South African poems. Language and Literature 2(3): 197 220.

Afrikaans poetry, foregrounding, intertextuality, parallelism, sound and meaning in (poetic) language, sound repetition, function(s) of sound in poetry

BIERMANN, Ina 1997 When metaphor counts. Review-article of Understanding Metaphor in Literature by Gerard Steen.Language and Literature 6(1): 57 68.

Metaphor, empirical study of

BIRCH, David 1989 Language, Literature and Critical Practice. London: Routledge

Language and literature

BIRCH, David [1989] 1996 Working effects with words   whose words?: Stylistics and reader intertextuality. In: Weber, Jean Jacques (ed.) The Stylistics Reader: From Roman Jakobson to the Present. London, New York, Sydney & Auckland: Arnold.

Critical stylistics

BIRCH, David 1991 The Language of Drama. London: Macmillan.

Review by Weber, J.J. 1992 Language and Literature 1(1): 69 77; see also Weber, J.J. in YWES 72 (1991).

Drama, the language of

BIRCH, David & O'Toole, Michael (eds.) 1988 Functions of Style. London: Frances Pinter


BLACK, Elizabeth 1993 Metaphor, simile and cognition in Golding's The Inheritors. Language and Literature 2(1): 37 48.

Golding, William, The Inheritors, metaphor, simile, underlexicalisation

BLAKE, N.F. 1990 An introduction to the language of literature. London: Macmillan.

Review by Culpeper, Jonathan 1992 Language and Literature 1(2): 141 143.

Literature, the language of

BLAKE, N.F. 1992 The Cambridge History of the English Language: vol. II. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

English language, the history of the

BLAKEMORE, D. 1992 Understanding Utterances. Oxford: Blackwell.

Semantics, pragmatics, relevance

BLAKEMORE, Diane 1993 The relevance of reformulations. Language and Literature 2(2): 101 120.

Apposition, discourse, implicature, poetic effects, reformulation, relevance (optimal), style

BLAKEMORE, Diane 1994 Notes and Discussion: Relevance, poetic effects and social goals: A reply to Culpeper. Language and Literature 3(1): 49 60.

See discussion by Culpeper,J. in Language and Literature 3(1): 43 48, 1996

Relevance theory

BLANK, Paula 1996 Broken English: Dialects and Politics of Language in Renaissance Literature. Routledge.

Politics of language

BLEICH, David How I got my language: forms of self inclusion. In: Rancour Laferriere, Daniel (ed.) Self Analysis in Literary Study: Exploring Hidden Agendas. New York: New York University Press.

Language of self inclusion, the

BLOOM, C. (ed.) 1994 Literature and Culture in Modern Britain: Volume 1. Harlow: Longman.

Literature and culture

BOCKTING, Ineke 1994a `Light in August' and the issue of unreliability. In: Verdonk, Peter & Sell, Roger D. (eds) Literature and the New Interdisciplinarity: Poetics, Linguistics, History. Amsterdam & Atlanta: Rodopi.

Discussed by Weber, Jean Jacques in YWES 75 (1994) under Stylistics, Chapter I, Section 8.

Narratology, pragmatics

BOCKTING, Ineke 1994b Mind style as an interdisciplinary approach to characterization in Faulkner. Language and Literature 3(3): 157 74.

Mind style, Faulkner

BONHEIM, Helmut 1990 Literary Systematics. London: D.S. Brewer.

Review by Nieragden, Göran 1993 Language and Literature 2(3): 223 225.

Systematics, literary

BOTTALA, P. et al (eds) 1991 G.M. Hopkins: Tradition and Innovation. Ravenna: Longo Editore.


BOWLES, Hugo 1995 Towards a redefinition of sound symbolism. Rassegna Italiana di Linguistica Applicata 27(1 2): 43 50.

Sound and meaning, onomatopoeia, phonaesthesia

BOYD, Brian 1995 Words, works and worlds in Joyce and Nabokov: or, intertex­tuality, intratextuality, supratextuality, infratextuality, extratex­tuality and autotex­tuality in Modernist and Postmodernist Narrative Discourse. Cycnos 12(2): 3 12.


BRADFORD, R. 1992 Silence and Sound: Theories of Poetics from the Eighteenth Century. New Jersey & London: Associated University Press.

Eigthteenth century English poetry, poetics

BRADFORD, Richard 1993a The Look of It. A Theory of Visual Form in English Poetry. Cork: Cork University Press.

Visual form, theory of, poetic texts, English poetry, linguistic aspects of, iconicity in poetry

BRADFORD, R. 1993b A Linguistic History of English Poetry. London: Routledge.

Historical linguistics, English poetry, history of

BRADFORD, R. 1997 Stylistics. London: Routledge.


BRANDT, Deborah 1990 Literacy as Involvement: The Acts of Writers, Readers, and Texts. Southern Illinois University Press.

Literature, the teaching of

BREWER, M.M. 1994 Claude Simon. Tuscaloosa: University of Nebraska Press.

Simon, Claude

BRIDGEMAN, T. 1998 Negotiating the New in the French Novel: Building Contexts for Fictional Worlds. London: Routledge.

Fictional worlds, contexts, French novel

BRIGHT, W. (ed.) 1992 International Encyclopedia of Linguistics. New York: Oxford University Press.

Review by Bex, Tony 1992 Language and Litera­ture 1(2): 143  145.

Linguistics, dictionary of

BROOKE ROSE, Christine 1991 Stories, Theories and Things. Cambridge, New York, Port Chester, Melbourne & Sydney: Cambridge University Press.

Narratology, narrative texts, analysis of

BROOKER, Peter & Widdowson, Peter (eds) 1996 A Practical Reader in Contemporary Literary Theory. London: Prentice Hall & Harvester Wheat­sheaf.

Literary theory in practice, readings of literary texts

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