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This activity requires students to produce a booklet or PowerPoint display that examines the life and actions of Joan of Arc from the Latin account of her trial and how that has contributed to her portrayal in film(s) or in other relevant and derived material or work(s) of art, song or literature today.

Prior to the assessment the students will read together in class relevant extracts from the Latin text from Joan of Arc’s trial (together with an English translation).

Students should also view excerpts from film(s) and other relevant and derived material or work(s), for example, written texts from literature, art work(s), and songs.

They should explore the connections to these clips, songs, art, or written work(s) from information about Joan of Arc, her life, and her trial contained in the historical Latin.

Below are suggested connections that students may like to explore, which allow the story of Joan of Arc to live on, including:


This assessment will take place over two weeks of in-class and out-of-class time.

The students will work together in class prior to the assessment to read relevant Latin extracts and to view excerpts from film(s) but will be assessed on their individual answers to the task.

The work produced by the student should be of sufficient length to demonstrate analysis as required by the standard. Written and visual text(s) from relevant and derived material may be used as resources to support analysis.


Relevant extracts in Latin (and English) from the trial of Joan of Arc, see additional information for websites below.

Use of Internet, library, media, and YouTube clips. You may choose to show the 1928 film The Passion of Joan of Arc (restored in 1985 by Carl Th. Dreyer and a silent movie with French and English subtexts), in which the on-screen performance of Maria Falconetti is considered to be the greatest in history. The film has a storyline in French but with sub-text in English. However, other relevant material or excerpts from film(s)/work(s) of art, song, or literature may be used instead – see suggestions below.

Suggested useful websites:

The English translation of the trial (paste into browser and use quickview to access)

Information on the life and trial of Joan of Arc

A list of movies or trailers you can select on her, including the 1999 mini-series Joan of Arc with Leelee Sobieski as Joan of Arc

A song by Leonard Cohen – “Joan of Arc” (with lyrics)

A list of pictures and artistic representations of Joan of Arc

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