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Internal assessment resource Latin 3.5A for Achievement Standard 91510


NZQA Approved

Internal Assessment Resource

Latin Level 3

This resource supports assessment against:

Achievement Standard 91510

Analyse the influence of Latin text(s) on subsequent culture(s)

Resource title: How true?

3 credits

This resource:

  • Clarifies the requirements of the standard

  • Supports good assessment practice

  • Should be subjected to the school’s usual assessment quality assurance process

  • Should be modified to make the context relevant to students in their school environment and ensure that submitted evidence is authentic

Date version published by Ministry of Education

December 2012

To support internal assessment from 2013

Quality assurance status

These materials have been quality assured by NZQA. NZQA Approved number A-A-12-2012-91510-01-6183

Authenticity of evidence

Teachers must manage authenticity for any assessment from a public source, because students may have access to the assessment schedule or student exemplar material.

Using this assessment resource without modification may mean that students’ work is not authentic. The teacher may need to change figures, measurements or data sources or set a different context or topic to be investigated or a different text to read or perform.

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