Page 951-952 "Wild Swans at Coole"

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Page 951-952 “Wild Swans at Coole”

  1. Yeats uses still in line 4 to mean “motionless” or “tranquil.” Still can also be used as an adverb to mean “up to this or that time.” How is still used in lines 19, 24 and 25?

  2. What is the speaker’s mood in the third stanza? Why do you think that viewing the swans elicits such a mood?

  3. In the fourth stanza, what does the speaker suggest about himself in contrast to the swans?

  4. In order to serve as a symbol, the swans must possess qualities that allow them to stand not only for themselves but also for something else. What words in lines 25-29 help establish the swans’ status as symbols?

  5. How does the speaker feel as he gazes at the swans? How did he feel 19 years earlier when he heard the beating of their wings?

  6. The 2nd, 3rd or 4th stanzas offer hints about the personal experience that underlies the poem. What are those hints? Why do you think the speaker’s heart is “sore”? Explain

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