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Spitou Mendy, farm workers union SOC / Andalusia (former trade unionist in Senegal)

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Spitou Mendy, farm workers union SOC / Andalusia (former trade unionist in Senegal)

3. Movements

I have spent eight years of my life in the “Jungle Heim” in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I was called bogus asylum seeker, criminalized and have lived under constant fear and threat of deportation. When I got the chance to know something about capitalism, I informed myself properly. And that is why I am trying here in Germany to tell something about camps and to fight for the rights of the people to get a chance over here. I was simply just lucky that I have not been deported.
I would like to be with the caravan, because I want to protest against the border regime here in Europe and talk about the struggles against camps, local police and deportation. But that does not mean that we are trying to scare people - no, we try to say you have the right to come here, you have the right of freedom of movement, but you also have the right to fight and organize yourselves.
Africa has to have a movement as well. There have to be fights for rights and I am going to support the AME there. I was there a month ago because of a preparatory meeting and I have the feeling that there are many initiatives which combat for the right of migration and freedom. My objective is to build a project in which various groups from Africa and Europe can exchange their experiences and can make joint actions. And that our caravan brings our anger to the World Social Forum and that we make a racket there.

I’ve also noticed that Mali is in a political movement. Mali is a country where migration is a major issue, because there are many movements of people. Many West Africans are trying to come through Mali to Europe and many who are deported to Mali and try to survive there. Many young people die on the way here and that is wrong. They are young, have power, have ideas, and with them Africa could develop. I have a feeling that Africa needs information, no money and no limits. The beginning is difficult, you have to explain much, but it's about the exchange and the rest will come. I am glad that finally the left scene looks to Africa.
Riad Ben Ammar, NoLager Mecklenburg Vorpommern

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