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Appendix 1 - What to Bring to Practice

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Appendix 1 - What to Bring to Practice


A change of clothes in case you are cold after practice, or in case we huli. There are showers at the yacht club. Ask someone for the code to get in.


Some times we forget the obvious!

Hydration system 

Water bottles are fine in the new and recreational paddler crews. They are not okay in the competitive program. We paddle long and hard in the competitive program. You will need fluids and calories.


Nutrition and healthy glycemic levels are important. Whether on long distance paddles or surviving tractor pulls, make sure you have a couple Gus or Power Gells with you. You may even want to carry an extra Power Bar in your hydration pack.

Hat and sunscreen

Be sun safe.


Board and river shorts dry fairly quickly. Some of us wear Neoprene paddling shorts.


While cotton is good, we recommend technical fabrics that keep you warm when it's cold and cooler when it's warm. Many of the women wear bikini tops, bathing suits, or jog bras, depending on the temperature. We have team Capilene® shirts for sale. When you are invited to move up to the competitive team, the women have selected a team suit fabric. Contact Deb Hall for more information.


Most of us paddle barefoot as it allows you to "feel" the boat with your feet. A few wear diving booties or water socks.

Paddling Gloves

This is a personal preference. Some of us use them and some do not.

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