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New & Recreational Paddlers

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New & Recreational Paddlers

The first 3 practices for paddlers are free.  Paddlers who decide to continue on past these free practices can pay either $26.00 per month or $104.00 for the year.  Once assigned to a competitive practice session, the amount already paid will be credited toward club dues.

Please make checks payable to KIYC/Outrigger and give them to Debbie Hall or Tristan Stewart.

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Paddling expenses & equipment costs


PADDLE: $120-$200

It is best to have everyone in the boat using the same style of blade. As a result we encourage new paddlers to purchase the Gillespie Standard 100. However, you will notice that not all of the competitive paddlers are using this. We are working towards uniformity, but are not quite there yet.

  • Single vs. double bend: Some members use a single bend paddle while others use a double bend.

  • Wood vs. carbon fiber vs. hybrid: Most team members use wooden paddles that weigh from 16-24 ounces. Others use carbon fiber paddles that weigh around 10 ounces. A newer paddle type is a hybrid with wood shaft and carbon fiber blade.

  • Paddle Width: Most paddle blades are 9-9.5" wide.

To size yourself for a paddle, you need to sit in the position you are in the canoe. Sit on a hard flat surface with your feet bent. Raise one arm straight up into the air and have someone measure from the floor to the first joint at the top of your middle finger. Check out "Measuring for a Paddle" Xylo Bladz . Be certain to ask other paddlers and try a few blades before you purchase one.

Gillespie paddles can be purchased from Pacific Rim Paddle Company (we have their catalog, just ask) or directly from Brad Gillespie . He sells some used and discounted paddles.


All paddlers will be asked to learn to steer the canoe. If you are assigned to steer on a regular basis, please purchase a steering blade.


We paddle long distances. As a result hydration is a critical aspect of this sport. A break in your stride to hydrate is a disruption to the entire boat. It is just as important that you learn to take fluids while paddling as it is to learn the proper stroke. Please use your hydration system during practice. Loose water bottles sliding around the bottom of the boat are unacceptable.

Other Expenses


Currently, all race fees are the responsibility of the individual paddlers. Obviously, the total will be consistent with the number of races you enter. All race fees must be paid in sufficient time for our officers to submit the entry by the required date. Officers are not responsible for paying the total fee and collecting after the application is submitted.


We usually share hotel rooms to help defray the cost. Paddlers need to make the arrangements necessary to arrive in sufficient time for a race.


Gu and Power Gel, Power, Luna, and Cliff bars, Cytomax, Mannatech, and others. These foods are important on distance paddles to help you recharge and "stay in the boat."  Most bars and gels cost a dollar each, although the cost goes down when purchased in quantity. Talk to experienced paddlers to get a better idea what works.


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