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2007 Race/Event Schedule

  • ECORA Race Schedule

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2007 Club Dues Structure

Dues cover the cost of liability insurance, canoe maintenance, club expenses, ECORA Club membership, and grounds fees for the season.

KIYC Members

$10 PER YEAR - KIYC members are still exempt from the bulk of the dues. This small fee covers your membership to ECORA.

NON-KIYC Members

$155 PER YEAR - breaks down to about $25 per month for a six month season, April through September. Should we paddle before April and/or after September, no additional fees are required. Team members are encouraged to pay in one lump sum.  Your dues must be paid in full, for the current month, prior to participation in any race.

Dues will be pro-rated for paddlers who join us later in the season at about $25 per month based on the same six-month season. Those joining mid-month, will be assessed about $5 per week for that month.

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