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2007 Practice Schedule

Tentative Practice Schedule (call to confirm)


Saturday & Sunday: midday, weather permitting. Scheduled by email.


Saturday: 10:00 AM – beginning April 1, 2006
: 6:00 PM - beginning April 3, 2006
Wednesday: 6:00 PM - beginning April 5, 2006
As weather permits, notified by email.

May into September 

Sunday: 10:00 AM - beginning May 21, 2006
Monday: 6:00 PM - Assigned Race Practice
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 6:00 PM - Assigned Race Practice
Thursday: 6:30 PM - Women's Team Practice - beginning May 18, 2006
Friday: Off
Saturday: 10:00 AM (some 9:00 AM) - Race Practice LONG (10 to 25 miles+)

September - March  

Weekends: as weather and interest permit. Notified by email.

Schedule Changes: As the summer starts to take hold and the bridge traffic starts to mount - we will adjust Saturday and Sunday times as necessary to avoid delays getting to practice - so be aware that a change WILL happen.

Once the season progresses we will add Tuesday and Thursday nights, which will be more geared toward sprints and interval training. Thursdays is most likely going to be video and race night.

Cancellation: Occasionally practice may be cancelled or rescheduled if the canoes are at a race or if weather prohibits safety on the water. Check the website, email, and make sure your cell phone is available for the phone tree.

Interval Training: tractor pulls, sprints, you know - the “fun” anaerobic stuff held during assigned race practices

New to Paddling or MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER: New paddlers, paddlers transferring from other clubs, and recreational paddlers are welcomed. FIRST TIME PADDLERS - SUNDAYS ONLY UNTIL OTHERWISE MOVED TO ANOTHER DAY AND TIME (probably 2 sessions or as viewed necessary)

Open Practice: open to all interested paddlers. Experienced team members are encouraged to attend open practices to help train new paddlers.

Team Bonding: After practice team bonding opportunities abound with food and beverage at KIYC or BYOF/B by tailgate or under a pavilion. Off-season we gather for food, fun, and any excuse will work for us.

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