Paddle As One Until The Shore Is Reached

'Ekahi, 'elua, 'ekolu... imua lokah!!

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'Ekahi, 'elua, 'ekolu... imua lokah!!
 "One, two, three... onward together!"

'Ohana o ke kai!
 "Family of the sea"
(MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER's spirit cheer).

Our Vision

MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER's philosophy focuses on perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and spirit through outrigger canoeing. We work hard to combine an appreciation for family, nature, community, and competitiveness while having tons of fun.


Founded in 1997, the Manu’iwa Outrigger Canoe Club is hosted by the Kent Island Yacht Club, offering the finest venue for paddling on the East Coast, with easy access to the eastern Chesapeake Bay. MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER offers a warm 'ohana (family) to the sport of competitive Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling.

In 1998, MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER entered its first season in the East Coast Outrigger Racing Association (ECORA), participating in the various races on the East Coast and hosting the first annual Kent Island Cup on Labor Day Weekend. In our second season, we added a second OC6, Force Five canoe and our race weekend grew from 5 entries to 15! This was a true testament to the development of the sport, the commitment of our team, and the support of Kent Island Yacht Club. In 2001 MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER introduced a new race format for the Kent Island Cup-a 35-mile around the island relay. 2001 also saw MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER members participating in the 50th Annual Moloka'i Hoe at the Senior Masters level. In September 2002, MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER entered its first masters mixed crew in the Catalina Island race.

In addition to the ECORA Racing season, MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER participates in events like the Wye Island Maryland Regatta, the Blackburn Challenge along Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and a variety of boating festivals to promote the sport and the spirit of aloha. The club has also received recognition in numerous publications from the Baltimore Sun to the Chesapeake Bay Magazine (December 2001).

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