Paddle As One Until The Shore Is Reached

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Canoe Classifications

OC6 - Outrigger Canoe Six-Person

  • Force Five

  • Bradley

  • Hawaiian Racer

  • Malia

  • Patterson

  • Catamarany

OC4 - Outrigger Canoe Four-Person

  • Duke

OC1 & OC2 - Outrigger Canoes: One-Person/ Solo & Two-Person

  • Various Manufacturers/Models

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Hawaiian Words, Phrases & Culture

Basic Vocabulary

  • 'e'e: get in the canoes

  • aloha: hello, goodbye

  • anuenue: rainbow

  • awa: harbor, port, cove

  • hanohano: glorious, dignified, worthy of praises

  • Hawai'i nei: alternate reference to Hawai'i; Lit. "this Hawai'i"

  • heihei wa'a: canoe race

  • ho'oama'a: train,work hard; practice

  • ho'okele: attention

  • ho'omakaukau: get ready

  • hoe wa'a: canoe paddler, or to paddle canoe

  • huki: pull, get into it

  • huli: to turn or flip over

  • ihope: backward

  • imua: forward

  • kahea: caller

  • kahuna kalaiwa'a:  canoe builder/carver

  • kane: man

  • kau: place, plant the blade

  • Keneke Mokupuni: Kent Island

  • le'ale'a: fun

  • mahalo: thank you

  • mo'olelo: history

  • 'ohana: family

  • 'okole maluna: bottoms up!

  • paliuli: divine place

  • pilialoha: friendship

  • wahi paua: spiritual place

  • wahine: woman

Hawaiian Voyaging Proverbs

Hana ka hoe, pa'a ka waha.
"Work the paddle, close the mouth."
Shut up and paddle - something we should all remember (and practice) while in the boat.

E kaupe aku no i ka hoe a ko mai. (319)
"Put forward the paddle and draw it back."
Go on with the task that is started and finish it.

E lauhoe mai na wa'a; i ke ka, i ka hoe; i ka hoe; i ke ka; pae aku ka 'aina. (327)
"Everybody paddle the canoes together; bail and paddle; paddle and bail, and the shore is reached."
Pitch in with a will, everybody, and the work is quickly done.

Ha'ule i ka hope wa'a. (489)
"Left in the aft of the canoe."
Said of one who comes last or is tardy.

Komo mai kau mapuna hoe (1836).
"Dip your paddle in."
Join in the effort.

Ho'okahi ka 'ilau like ana (1068).
"Wield the paddles together."
Work together.

E lauhoe mai na wa'a; i ke ka, i ka hoe; i ka hoe, i ke ka; pae aku i ka 'aina (327).
" Everybody paddle the canoes together; bail and paddle, paddle and bail, and the shore will be reached."
If everybody pitches in, the work is quickly done.

He po'e ho'opiha wa'a (897).
"Canoe fillers."
Useless people, like riders in a canoe who do nothing to help.

He hewa i Kapua ka 'auwa'a panana 'ole (1125).
"The fleet of canoes without a compass landed at Kapua by mistake."
Said of one who is off his course, mentally or otherwise.

Ola i ke ahe lau makani (2483).
"Life is in a gentle breath of wind." Said of a breeze on a hot day.

'A'ohe hana a Kauhikoa; ua kau ka wa'a i ke 'aki (139).
"Kauhikoa has nothing more to do; his canoe is resting on the block."
The work is done.

Hawaiian Voyaging Proverbs: selected from Mary Kawena Pukui's 'Olelo No'eau: Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings (Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press, 1983).



  • Hawaiian 105 KINE [] (Honolulu, HI) - The Hawaiian music station

  • KCCN FM 100 [] Honolulu, HI) - Hawai'i's favorite local jams

  • KNBA 90.3 FM [] (Anchorage, AK) - Native American station with island music special on Sundays


  • Peter Buck. Arts and Crafts of Hawaii. Part VI, Canoes. Honolulu: Bishop Museum Press, 1957.

  • Naomi Chun. Hawaiian Canoe-Building Traditions . Honolulu, HI. Kamehameha Schools Press.

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  • Henry Teuira and others. Voyaging Chiefs of Havai'i. Honolulu: Kalamaku Press, 1995.


  • Kanu Culture [] - annual paddling magazine

  • Pacific Paddler [] - da best monthly paddling magazine

Web Sites

  • OC Paddler [] - news for outrigger paddlers worldwide

  • Y2Kanu [] - what's happening in Hawai'i

  • Hawaiian H2O [] - links to clubs, products, events

  • Hawaiian Language Web Site [] - Aunty D's top rated site


  • Lu'au King [] - leis, poi, lomi salmon, and more

  • Zippy's Restaurant [] - local food, snacks, and other favorites

Congressional Representation

  • Abercrombie, Neil (D) [] - 1st District, Hawaii (Honolulu and environs) - Democratic representative; ph: 202-225-2726.

  • Akaka, Daniel Kahikina (D) [] - Hawaii - Democratic senator; ph: 202-224-6361.

  • Bordallo, Madeline - Guam - ph: 202.225.1188.

  • Case, Ed (D) [] - 2nd District, Hawaii (rest of the islands) - Democratic representative; ph: 202-225-4906.

  • Faleomavaega, Eni - American Samoa - ph: 202.225.8577.

  • Inouye, Daniel K. (D) [] - Hawaii - Democratic senator; ph: 202-224-3934.

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Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Don't Want to Hear in the Canoes

  1. Am I the only one paddling here?

  2. Your timing sucks!

  3. Is anyone steering this thing?

  4. Who invited him/her?

  5. Reach this!

  6. Where are we going?

  7. Who cut the cheese?

  8. Who threw out the anchor?

  9. I'm tired of hauling your ass!

  10. What's the ama doing over our heads?

Top Ten Signs You Know You're in Trouble

  1. Paddler #5 is slumped over his seat, passed out.

  2. Paddler #3 looks like she's stirring cream in her coffee.

  3. Everyone is leaning left and wearing life jackets.

  4. Your life jacket has a ten-pound weight attached.

  5. The DNR inspects your new beach and the Army Corps of Engineers shuts your launch ramp down.

  6. You pull into the parking lot and count six cars and see no canoe.

  7. You're on Rt-50 and people are playing Frisbee on the median.

  8. The stroker (or steersman) is blowing chunks.

  9. The Coast Guard is yelling, "You WILL put your life jackets on!"

  10. Moloka'i Hoe (or Na Wahine O Ke Kai) weather report: "Hot & Flat!"

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