Paddle As One Until The Shore Is Reached

ama (float/ outrigger) hoe

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ama (float/ outrigger)

  • hoe (a paddle; to paddle)

  • 'iako (spars, boom)

  • lupe (bow end of ama)

  • kanaka (stern end of ama)

  • kapua'i (part of 'iako between hull and ama)

  • kua 'iako (portion of the 'iako lashed to the hull)

  • kuamo'o (hull, keel)

  • manu kupe (curved end pieces covering the fore and aft parts of the hull; to steer a canoe)

  • manu hope (stern end piece)

  • manu ihu (bow end piece)

  • mo'o (gunwale)

  • muku (ends of 'iako that extend beyond the hull)

  • pale kai (splash board)

  • pa'u (storm covers, spray skirts

  • pikao (hull)

  • wae (spreaders)

  • wa'a (canoe, also va'a, waka)

  • wa'a kaukahi (single-hulled canoe)

  • wa'a kaulua (double-hulled canoe)


    Sennet, hand twisted from natural fibers, was the original cordage used to lash the 'iako to the ama and the main hull. While many lashing styles were used, the primary purpose was to ensure the canoe's safety. If lashings broke, they would not unravel because of the cord's interlacing and cinching.

    Rigging is what keeps the main hull, the 'iako, and the ama together. An important part of paddling is to learn the culture. This includes learning traditional Polynesian lashing techniques. The MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER Force Fives and Duke are each primarily lashed using these methods. Secondary, or temporary, lashing can be made with modern snap-lashes. However, each paddler is expected to not only learn but to assist in rigging the boats. A video is available for team member use.

    'iako to wae and mo'o showing other important tools - tape measure, level, and line wax

    'iako to ama showing a clean and strong connection in the final wrapping and knot

    Photos courtesy Outrigger Rio Clube (Brazil) -

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