Paddle As One Until The Shore Is Reached

Appendix 6 - Huli Fix Procedure

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Appendix 6 - Huli Fix Procedure

Sooner or Later, You Huli

ALWAYS BE READY TO SWIM. DO NOT CARRY ANYTHING IN THE BOAT THAT YOU ARE NOT READY TO LOSE TO THE WATER (including wallets, pagers, jewelry, watches, clothes, cell phones, etc). Make no mistake about it, at some point in time you will find yourself in the water!

1. First and foremost, do not panic. Find your paired seat.

  • Seat 1 and 2 find each other.

  • Seat 3 and 4 find each other.

  • Seat 5 and 6 find each other.

2. Collect paddles and hand them to Seat 1 (or Seat 6). It's particularly important to do this as soon as possible in rough or windy conditions.

3. The steersman is in charge.

  • S/he will call for a headcount. It is imperative that the steersman account for everyone on the crew.

  • Each paddler calls out their seat number in sequential order beginning with seat 1.

  • Depending on conditions you may need to put on your PFD. If you want it on, put it on regardless of conditions!

4. If there are large swells, reposition the boat. Listen for directions.

5. Seat 1 collects the paddles, if possible.

6. Two people position themselves over the hull on the side opposite the 'iako to help pull the canoe over. The other two people are on the 'iako side to help lift the 'iako to turn the canoe over.

7. Once the canoe is righted, one person will get in and start bailing. Get back in the boat when the steersman tells you to. Do not hang on the boat while it is being bailed.

If we huli during a race, safety is the first priority. After that the steersman will be trying to get the boat going again quickly. Bailing needs to be done with a purpose. People may alternate bailing as arms start to tire. The steersman may have all but one seat start paddling as the last few inches are bailed.

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