Paddle As One Until The Shore Is Reached


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Safety First

The first and foremost rule of the club is to paddle safety. If there is any doubt about equipment conditions, water conditions, or paddler skills DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES. Stay ashore.

All paddlers must have a life jacket in the boat!  Wear the lifejacket if it makes you more comfortable!  If you are not a strong swimmer, be certain that the person paddling near you and the steersman are aware that you might need assistance if we huli.

Anyone with a medical problem that may arise during practice (including, but not limited to asthma, diabetes, heart complications, or special medication) needs to inform the coaches.

All paddlers must provide emergency contact information to the club officers.  This includes name, relationship, and phone number.

Visually and physically inspect all the rope and snap lash riggings to be certain they are tight.  Wet the rigging so the ropes will contract and tighten.

Two bailers should be in the boat. Tie the bailers to both 'iako so they do not float away if we huli.

The US Coast Guard requires that the canoe carry one PFD per person. Do not leave shore without them!

After practice is over, return the canoes to their tires, rinse off the canoes, especially the rigging, place the covers on the boats, and return the PFD's to the storage area.

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