Paddle As One Until The Shore Is Reached

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Caller's Commands

The caller, or kahea, (typically seat 3) ensures changes are made from one side of the canoe to the other to keep the paddlers from overtiring. The steersman may override the caller at her/his discrepancy. For example, the steersman feels the need to avoid huli and calls, "hoe ama" (everyone paddle left side) or needs to get the hull speed up and calls "2 sets, power 10."


MANU’IWA OUTRIGGER uses a one "hut" change call. The caller will holler a crisp "hut" to prepare the paddlers for changing paddling sides. On the next stroke, everyone says, "ho," and everyone switches the side on which they are paddling.

The call needs to be absolutely consistent. Some get bored saying "Hut!" and change it to "Heeup!" or some other noise. This is confusing to the other paddlers (...especially if they're concentrating on their perfect stroke and not "whuts fer dinner" or their girl/boyfriend and the great time they had last night/gonna have tonight, etc.).

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