Pacing guide for english 12 Honors C. Roe Fall 2011

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PACING GUIDE FOR English 12 Honors C. Roe

Fall 2011






August 8-12

Week 1

Sr. info./welcome Senior officers; Handbook review and forms; turn in SR papers; DE info.

(what you want, with writing); Oral response questions for summer reading

Finish oral response and novel discussion

MC test for Jekyll, Stranger –

Forms due*

Sr. officer vote

open response for Patriot

Assign groups for summer reading presentations –

August 15-19
Week 2

Define Vocabulary 1

ACT work

Assign SMB1

Summer Reading in-class essay

Presentations 1 and 2

Review vocab.

Presentation 3

Act work

August 22-26
Week 3

Define Voc. 2

Assign Bleachers

Anglo Saxon notes

Beowulf intro.

Old English

Bayeux Tapestry

T-shirt vote

Review Voc.

Senior Expenses

Read and discuss Beowulf p. 24

Introduce Kennings

Finish Beowulf

SMB1 due*

Sign for shirt

Rev. Vocab. And take test*

ACT work

August 29-Sept.2

Week 4

Define Voc. 3

Assign SMB 2

Kennings sheet – group work

Bleachers quiz 1*

Hero traits – outline – list from Beowulf Introduce, read, and discuss Gilgamesh p. 56

Review vocabulary

Create a Hero

Comparison/contrast essay for hero set up

Write CC essay

Hero work

ACT Prep time



Week 5


Bleachers Quiz 2*

Present hero

HW: revise essay

Diploma name

Review A/S literature

Progress Reports

SMB 2 due*

Take Anglo-Saxon test*

Middle Ages notes

Turn in revised essay

Review voc.

Finish notes

Introduce Chaucer and Frame tales

Middle Eng. 92



Week 6

Define Voc. 4

Assign SMB 3

Intro. Tales Characters

Bleachers quiz 3*

Assign Illuminated Manuscript

Bleachers discussion with response ques.

Review voc.

Read/discuss Pardoner 123

Summarize and discuss Wife of Bath Watch some Tales

Review voc. and take test*

Finish and Review tales


Week 7

Define voc. 5

Miracle/morality plays

Read/discuss Everyman 155

Manuscript Due*

Review of Tales

Finish Everyman

Review for Chaucer/Everyman test

SMB 3 due*

Take Chaucer/Everyman test*

Introduce Gawain

Review voc.

Skim and present Sir Gawain 174

Sept. 26-30
Week 8

Define voc. 6

Arthur video with sheet

Assign SMB 4

Review Arthur elements

Read and discuss Arthur p. 198

Review Voc.

Finish Arthur

Poems: Spens, Allan, Door 211-215

Group work

Review voc. and take test*

Assign Medieval project


Week 9

Review for Medieval test

Mad Libs

Medieval test*



SMB 4 due*

Cont. Ladyhawke

Writing next week

End Grading Period

Medieval project due Tuesday

Finish Ladyhawke

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