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Pacific Islands Monthly, Aug 1976.

  • Stephen Murray Smith to John [Gunther], 1 Sep 1976; Ms., 1 leaf.

  • John Gunther to Sir Paul, 15 Sep 1976; Ms., p/c. and Ms., draft, 4pp. [In response to Hasluck’s comments on Gunther’s review.]

  • John Hohnen to Hasluck, 1 Oct 1976; Ts., roneo, 2pp.

  • Paul Hasluck to John [Gunther], 12 Oct 1976; Ts., 1p.

  • Harry Jackman to Paul Hasluck, 27 Nov 1976 and replies, 7 & 10 Dec 1976; Ts., roneo, 9pp.

  • Harry Jackman to Sir John Gunther, re his review in Overland, 5 Jan 1977; Ts., 1p.

  • John Gunther to Paul [Hasluck], n.d.; Ms., 4pp. Draft letter

  • Hank Nelson, ‘Filling some gaps and building for a nation’, paper for a Symposium on Sir Paul Hasluck's, A Time for Building, La Trobe University, Sep 1977; Ts., p/c, 11pp.

  • Hank Nelson to Dr. John Gunther, 1 Feb 1978; Ms., 1 leaf.

  • Hank Nelson to John Gunther, 16 Feb 1978; Ts., 1 leaf.

  • Sir John Gunther responding to Lady Rachel Cleland's commentary on Sir Paul Hasluck's book, A Time for Building, Mar 1978: extracts from transcripts of tapes 1 and 2; Ts., p/c., Ts., 4pp.1-4, pp.5-11, pp.1-10, pp.1-12, pp.1-10.

  • Reel 6



    Correspondence, draft articles and off-prints, as follows:

    • F.R. Scragg (Unley Park, SA) to Gunther, 20 Mar 1978, Ts., 4pp.

    • Gunther to Scragg (draft), n.d., Ms., 13pp.

    • Untitled Ms.[by Gunther ?], ‘This is an account of the problems met during efforts to organise investigations a into a unique disease…’, Ts., annotated, 50pp.

    • R.J. Walsh to Gunther, 3 Jan 1978, Ts., 2pp.

    • J.H. Bennett to Gunther, 13 Dec 1977, Ts., 1p.

    • H. Nelson to Gunther, 8 Apr 1978, Ts., 2pp.

    • H. Nelson to Gunther, 20 Dec 1977, Ts., 1p.

    • Norma McArthur to Gunther, 13 Nov 1977, Ms., 2pp.

    • F.M. Burnet to Gunther, 14 Nov 1977, Ts., 1p.

    • Gunther to F.R. Scragg, 15 Nov 1977, Ms., p/c, 1p.

    • Gunther (?), ‘Australia, Kuru & a Nobel Prize’, Ts., 7pp., annotated.

    • H. Nelson to Gunther, 2 Nov 1977, Ts., 2pp.

    • H. Nelson to Gunther, 6 Sep 1977, Ts., 2pp.

    • Gunther to Norrie, 21 Jul 1977, Ms., 2pp., draft.

    • Gunther to Professor, n.d., Ts., carbon, (signed), 1p.

    • Gunther to Professor, n.d., Ms., draft, 1p.

    1957-1960, 1977-1978

    JG/55 cont.

    • V. Zigas & D.C. Gajdusek, ‘Kuru: Clinical study of a new syndrome resembling paralysis agitans in natives of the eastern Highlands of Australian New Guinea’, Med. J. Aust., 23 Nov 1957, pp.745-754.

    • D.C. Gajdusek, ‘Kuru in New Guinea and the origin of NINDB study of slow, latent and temperate virus infections of the nervous system of man’, NINDB Monograph No.2, pp.3-12.

    • D.C. Gajdusek & V. Zigas, ‘Degenerative disease of the central nervous system in New Guinea’, New England J of Med., 257, 14 Nov 1957, pp.974-978.

    • J.T. Gunther, ‘Kuru’, n.d., Ts., 8pp. and duplicate.

    • ‘Report on Kuru and recommendations for its further investigation and control’, n.d. (1960?), Ts., carbon, 1p.



    Correspondence and drafts of Gunther’s ‘Australia, Kuru & a Nobel Prize’, as follows:

    • Australian College of Medical Administrators Queensland Branch, Notice of Meeting (conference in Sep 1977), 4 Nov 1976, Ts., roneo, 2pp.

    • Nelson to Gunther, 12 Jan 1977, Ts., 1p.

    • R.J. Walsh to Gunther (re Gunther’s Ms.), 18 Jan 1977

    • Shirley Glasse, ‘The Social Effects of Kuru’, PNG Med. J., 7:1, Dec 1974, p/c, pp.36-47.

    • Nelson to Gunther, 9 Mar, Ms., 1p., & 2 Feb 1977, Ts., 2pp.

    • Gunther, ‘Australia, Kuru & a Nobel Prize’, n.d., computer printout, 6pp.

    • Gunther, ‘Australia, Kuru & a Nobel Prize’, n.d., Ts., draft, annotated, 6pp.

    • Gunther, ‘Australia, Kuru & a Nobel Prize’, n.d., Ts., p/c, annotated, 6pp.

    • J.R. Taylor to Gunther, 18 May 1977, re his conference paper, Ts., 1p.

    • Nelson to Gunther, 22 May 1977, Ts., 2pp.

    • Shearer to Gunther, 10 Jun 1977, re Gunther’s paper for conference of the Queensland Branch of the Australian College of Medical Administrators, Brisbane, Sep 1977, Ts., 1p.

    • Nelson to Gunther, 13 Jul 1977, Ts., 2pp.

    • Gunther to Ted and others, n.d., asking for comments on his Ms.

    • Gunther to Norrie, n.d., Ts., carbon, 3pp.

    • Sir Macfarlane Burnet to Gunther, 16 Aug 1977, Ts., 2pp.

    • Gunther to Burnet, n.d., draft Ts., annotated, 8pp., and final copy, Ts., 5pp.

    • Gunther to Gajdusek, 13 Sep 1977, Ms., p/c, 4pp.

    • J.F. Macfarlane to Gunther, 10 Oct 1977, Ts., 1p.

    • Gajdusek to Gunther, 18 May 1978, Ts., 2pp.

    Nov 1976-May 1978



    Clippings and notes on Malaria; and ‘80% Man’.

    • Jan J. Saave, Minuted comments on the World Bank Report on the Malaria Eradication Programme, 3 Jul 1964, Ts., 2pp.

    • Gunther, ‘Eighty Percent Man’, n.d., Ts., 24pp., and bibliography.

    • ‘Short Summary of the Malaria Consultant’s Report’ (in Pisin), n.d., Ts., roneo, 3pp.

    • K. Colquhoun, ‘The great malaria disaster’, Far Eastern Economic Rev., 18 Aug 1878, p/c, 4pp.

    • ‘Malaria’s Back’, Development Forum, Jun 1978

    • G. Gramiccia, ‘Malaria bites back’ and other articles from, Development Forum Business Edition, 6:4, 17 May 1978, p/c, 6pp.

    • ‘Malaria on the March’, Washington Post, 9 May 1978

    • ‘Malaria Again a Major World Threat’, Washington Post, 3 May 1978

    • H.M. Schmeck, ‘Scientists seek end to tropical diseases’, New York Times, 3 Apr 1978, p/c, 1p.

    • ‘Malaria Figures on the Upsurge’, Papua New Guinea Newsletter, 17 Feb 1978

    • ‘Malaria on the Upsurge’, Post-Courier, 16 Feb 1978

    • ‘Warning on Malaria’, Post-Courier, 4 Jan 1978

    • ‘Malaria a growing problem and full scale spraying is the only answer’, Post-Courier, 6 Jan 1978

    • ‘Tropical Disease Research Starts’, Post-Courier, 21 Oct 1977

    • ‘Malaria Concern’ (Sir Paul Lapun), Post-Courier, 24 May 1977

    • W. Sullivan, ‘Hope Rises for Vaccine Against Malaria’, NY Times, 1 Jun 1976.

    • ‘Malaria Scandal’, Inside New Guinea, 2:33, 28 Apr 1971, 4pp.

    • Keith Gosman, ‘Malaria – the fight’s not over yet’, Post-Courier, 7 May 1975, 1p.

    1964, 1975-1978


    Letters S.H. Christian.

    • S.H. Christian to Dr Gunther, 8 Sep 1979, Ts., 2pp.

    • S.H. Christian to Dr Gunther, 26 Oct 1979, Ts., 2pp.

    Together with various press cuttings and articles, including:

    • Report on National Nutrition Survey, Dec 1977-Mar 1978, Ts., roneo, p/c, 8pp;

    • Interview with Margaret Nakikus, Post-Courier, 26 Jan 1979;

    • Peter Hastings, ‘Somare’s Ten Years of Power’, SMH, 10 Feb 1980;

    • L.Y.L. Yap, ‘Rural-Urban Migration and Urban Underemployment in Brazil’, Journal of Development Economics, 3 (1976), pp.227-243.




    Proteins from Candida ingens, together with papers on Sir Keith Murray, Ian Downs and the Official History. Correspondence, press cuttings and articles, including:

    • Ian Downs to Gunther, 30 Jun 1978, enclosing Professor Francis West’s recommendation for the publication of Down’s Official History of the Trusteeship in PNG.

    • Ian Downs to Gunther, 27 Apr 1981, Ms., 2pp., re Gunther’s review of the Official History to be published in PIM.

    • Brian Zinks, ‘Time has proved him right’ (on the knighthood awarded to Sir Keith Murray), Post-Courier, 13 Jan 1978. Includes a photograph of Gunther meeting Murray.

    • Family Planning Association advertisement for condoms, Post-Courier, 12 Jan 1979.

    • Basil S. Hetzel (CSIRO) to Gunther, 9 May 1979, re nutrition and malaria, Ts., 2pp.

    • D.P. Henry to Gunther, 1 Aug 1979, Ts., 1p., with application for research funds from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the Production of Yeast Protein from Improved tropical Pasture or Starch-Rich Crops, n.d. (1979), Ts., p/c, 9pp., together with a number of articles by D.P. Henry (p/c)

    Jun 1978-Apr 1981


    Malaria Control.

    Reports 1978 & 1980-83.

    • N.W. Tavil, ‘Progress report for the Malaria Control Programme for the Period January to December 1978’, Ts., roneo, 15pp., and annexes.

    • C.M. Han (Asst. Sec Malaria Control), ‘Outline of the Anti-Malaria Programme for NPEP Submission 1980-1983’, Ts., roneo, 12pp., plus Annexes 1-15 +, c.100pp.

    For Malaria Control Programme Annual Reports 1975-1977 see JG/51.



    PNG Institute of Medical Research, Malaria Projects 1979.

    Michael Alpers (PNG Institute of Medical Research) to Sir John Gunther, 25 Sep 1979, enclosing some information on their collaborative malaria research program and associated projects, including:

    • five applications to the World Health Organisation, Scientific Working Group, Collaborative Research Projects. Not Microfilmed.

    • J. Stace, ‘The Effect of Mass Administration of Amodioquine to Young Children by Voluntary Village Dispensers’, n.d., Ts., roneo, 9pp., and tables.

    • F.D. Gibson and A. Narara, ‘Assessment of Response to Chloroquine of P.falciparum In-vitrio and In-vivo in the Kiunga Sub Province, Western Province, PNG (31/1078-30/11/78)’, Ts., p/c, 5pp., and tables.


    JG 62


    • Draft Ms, annotated, by Gunther on malaria control in PNG, c.40pp. not sequentially numbered.

    • A.W. Charles (CSIRO) to Gunther, 26 Oct 1979, Ts., 2pp., re Gunther’s chapter on ‘Nutrition’ in his book on malaria and commenting experiments using Pirie’s leaf-protein machine at Bubia in Morobe.

    • ‘Blood Diversity Keeps PNG on the Map’, Post-Courier, 2 Jul 1975.

    Oct 1979


    Drafts of articles on nutrition and malaria control.

    • Untitled draft, beginning “Nutrition in Papua New Guinea has mostly been seen as a measure of health…”, n.d., Ms. & Ts., 27pp.

    • Further untitled draft, beginning, “In 1946 malaria was said to be the major public health problem not only in Papua and New Guinea, but in most of the tropical world…”, Ms., 8pp.




    Burton G. Burton-Bradley, Professor of Psychiatry, UPNG. Letters to John Gunther and related papers, as follows:

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 11 Aug 1979, Ms., 6pp.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 14 Sep 1980, Ms., 2pp.

    • ‘Medical History of Papua New Guinea’ (UPNG), Sep 1980, Ts., roneo, 2pp.

    • ‘History of Medicine in Papua New Guinea: Information for Contributors’, Ts., carbon, 1p.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 25 May 1981, Ms., 2pp. and attachment.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 28 Oct 1981, Ms., 4pp, and attachment.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 2 Dec 1981, Ms., 1p., and attachments.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 5 Sep 1982, Ms., 1p.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 27 Jun 1982, Ms., 2pp.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 20 Sep 1982, Ms., 2pp., and attachment.

    • Burton-Bradley to Gunther, 20 Feb 1984, Ms., 2pp.

    • Burton-Bradley, ‘Papua New Guinea Transcultural Psychiatry. II. The first one thousand referrals’, A&NZ J. of Psychiatry, Vol.3, Sep 1969.

    • Burton-Bradley, ‘Arecaidinism. Betel Chewing in Transcultural Perspective’, Can. J. Psychiatry, Vol.24, 1979.

    • ‘Recent Advances in Understanding Pain’, in Comments, Brit. J. of Psychiatry, 136, 1980.

    • Harry Jackman, review of ‘The New Guinea Diaries of Philip Strong 1936-1945’, ed. David Wetherell, in Christian Book Newsletter, Apr 1982, p/c, 2pp.

    • H. Beckett, ‘Psychiatric Care and Psychiatric Education’, n.d., Ts., roneo, 10pp.

    • K.J. Pataki-Schweizer, ‘A Village-study Week: Some Comments on Medical Students and Community Medicine’, Medical Society of PNG, 10th Annual Symposium, Jul 1974, Ts., roneo, 3pp.

    See also published articles by Burton-Bradley at JG/94-101.



    ‘Proceedings of the First Meeting of Australian Research Workers on Malaria (Ingleburn, 22-24 February 1980)’, Canberra, Directorate General of Army Health Services, 1980; Ts., 56pp.



    Gunther. Draft articles and reports, Ms & Ts., c.300pp., too disordered to microfilm. Not microfilmed.



    Malaria. General.

    Including 6th, 7th and 10th Expert Committee Reports.

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