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Annual Report of the Malaria Control Branch, Papua New Guinea Department of Health, all compiled by Dr N.W. Tavil, Assistant Director (Malaria Control):

  • 15th Report, Financial Year 1974-1975, Ts., roneo, 23pp., plus tables and annexes;

  • 16th Report, Calendar Year 1975, Ts., roneo, 11pp., plus attachments, tables and graphs;

  • 19th Report, Fiscal Year 1976-77, Calendar Year 1977, Ts., roneo, 18pp., plus attachments and tables.


JG/51 cont.

  • Together with draft Progress Report for the period Jan-Dec 1977, not microfilmed.

For 1978 Progress Report see JG/60.



Clippings & Notes.

  • Anon. (Gunther?), ‘Population’ [re PNG], nd (c.1978) Ts., roneo, 15pp., biblio.

  • R.W. Fergie (?), ‘Village Population Survey’, n.d. (1975), Ts., roneo, 31 pp., including tables. Missing title page.

  • Together with various press cuttings, notes, an off-print, V. Zigas & V. Morea, ‘Pre-operational Malariometric Survey Kairuku Subdistrict’, PNG Med. J, 17:1, Dec 1973; and a complete issue of the PNG Med. J. 11:2, Jul 1968, and notes.



Nutrition. [Labelled as ‘Malaria.’]

Binder holding copies of reports and published articles, and related correspondence, mainly on nutrition, including:

  • Barry Holloway to Gunther, 5 Jun 1979, re food nutrition projects and Dept of Provincial Affairs revenue & expenditure, Ts, 2pp.

  • ‘National Nutrition Survey’, Dec 1977-Mar 1978, Ts., p/c, pp.108.

  • National Planning office, ‘National Nutrition Survey: A Further Discussion of the Results’, Ts., p/c, 6pp.

  • ‘Nutrition Policy in Papua New Guinea: the Current Situation’, National Planning Office Background Paper, Ts., roneo, 16pp.

  • ‘A Food and Nutrition Policy for Papua New Guinea’, Ts., roneo, 21pp.

  • Margaret Nakikus and Julian Lambert (Dept of Health, Nutrition Section), ‘The Ok Tedi Nutrition Survey, Kiunga District, June 1978’, Ts., roneo, 13pp.

  • S. Reutlinger & M. Seloesky, ‘Undernutrition and Poverty’, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Bank Staff Working Paper No.202, Apr 1975, Ts., roneo, pp.80, and annexes.

Together with printed material NOT MICROFILMED, including:

  • ‘Remarks of Robert S. McNamara on the occasion of receiving the World Affairs Council Christian A. Herter Memorial Award, Boston, January 14, 1977’, Ts., roneo, 12pp.

  • Graham Chedd, ‘Will the mind flourish despite neglect?’ New Scientist, 11 Jan 1973, p/c, 2pp.

  • ‘Starved brains fail to make the right connections’, New Scientist, 20 Apr 1972, p/c, 1p.

  • P.E. Vernon, ‘Nutritional and health Conditions’ in his Intelligence and Cultural Environment, London, Methuen, 1969; p/c, pp.33-45, annotated.

  • I.G. Ord, ‘Australian Psychology and Australia’s Neighbours’, in M. Nixon & R. Taft (eds), Psychology in Australia, Sydney, Pergamon, 1977; p/c, pp.252-284.

  • J. Randal, ‘When Hunger Strikes the Brain’ in Science Year: the World Science Annual 1971, p/c, 195-205.


JG/53 cont.

  • D.M. Hegsted, ‘Protein-Calorie Malnutrition’, American Scientist 66:1, Jan 1978, p/c, pp.61-65.

  • M.V. Tracey, ‘Food – Do we need what we want?’ ANZAAS Conference paper, Jan 1975, Ts., roneo, p/c, 8pp.

  • World Bank, ‘Population’, Operational Manual Statement, No.3.74, p/c, 14pp., annotated. W.H. Crosby, ‘Iron deficiency anaemia in a nutritionally complex situation’, Am J. Clint. Nutrition, 32, Apr 1979, p/c, pp.715-716.

  • G.C. Crane, ‘The Serology of Tropical Splenomegaly Syndrome and its Relationship to Malaria’, from the PNG Institute of Medical Research, Jul 1978, p/c, 7pp.

  • S.S. Basta et al., ‘Iron deficiency anaemia and the productivity of adult males in Indonesia’, Am J. Clin. Nutrition, 32, Apr 1979, pp.916-925.

  • Notes on energy output from Davison, Passmore et al., Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Edinburgh, 1975, Ts., 2pp.

  • Extracts from Hispley and Kirk, Studies of dietary intake and the expenditure of energy in New Guinea, Ts., p/c, pp.121-122, 127-130.

And many others, not listed.



Correspondence regarding publication of Sir Paul Hasluck’s, A Time for Building: Australian Administration in PNG, 1951-1963 (1976), including drafts of John Gunther’s lengthy review of the book in Overland:

  • Dr J. Gunther to Paul Hasluck, n.d.; Draft letter. Ms., 58pp.

  • Stephen [Murray Smith] to John [Gunther], 3 Jun 1976; Ts., 1p.

  • J.P. Sinclair (Manager, Melbourne University Press) to Dr J. Gunther, 8 Jun 1976, Ts., 1p.

  • John Gunther, Review of Paul Hasluck’s, A Time for Building, n.d.; Ts., annotated; 16pp., 3 drafts.

  • Noel Hawken, ‘Sir Paul says it – and means it’, The Herald, 25 Jun 1976; p/c.

  • John Harrison, ‘A man of purpose’, West Australian, 16 Jul 1976; p/c.

  • Stuart Sayers, ‘He uses words as a tool of trade’, Age, 17 Jul 1976.

  • Brian Dickey, ‘The Way it was in PNG’, Adelaide Advertiser, 17 Jul 1976.

  • P.L. Ryan, ‘An Island Epistle According to Sir Paul’, CT, 17 Jul 1976.

  • Ann Harding, “Book of the Day: The Territories ‘killed’ Hasluck”, n.d.; press cutting.

  • Hank Nelson to Sir John [Gunther], 19 Jul 1976; Ts., 1p. Circular letter requesting comments on Hasluck’s book.

  • Bob to John [Gunther], 25 Jul 1976; Ms., 1 leaf.

  • Stephen Murray Smith to John [Gunther], 27 Jul 1976; Ts., 1p.

  • 'Race Relations Study in PNG’, Macquarie University Newsletter, Jul 1976, p.17. A report on Ted Wolfers and publication of his book on PNG.

  • L.V. Kepert, ‘Pukka sahibs of Moresby’, Sun Herald, 18 Jul 1976.


JG/54 cont.

  • Geoffrey Dutton, ‘PNG’s writers prefer pigin’, The National Times, 2 Aug 1976.

  • Jim Sinclair to John [Gunther], 2 Aug 1976; Ts., 1p.

  • Rachel [Clelland] to John [Gunther], 5 Aug 1976; Ms., 5pp.

  • John [Gunther] to Rachel [Cleland], 10 Aug 1976; Ms, 7pp., carbon.

  • Rachel [Cleland] to John [Gunther], 14 Aug 1976; Ms., 6pp.

  • Sir Paul Hasluck to John Gunther, 24 Aug 1976, Ts., 6pp.

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