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New Guinea Psychiatrist, Vol.1, No.1, Jan 1969.

John Gunther to Bob, on medical education, Ms., p/c, pp.38-54, 17 Jan 1977.


Medical Education.

  • Eben H. Hipsely and Sheila Malcolm, ‘The Diets of Pacific Island Peoples: Some Ways and Means of Improving’, South Pacific Commission, Health Section, Nutrition Pamphlet No.1, n.d. [c.1949?]; Ts., roneo, 7pp. (2 copies.)

  • Eben H. Hipsely and Sheila Malcolm, ‘Feeding of Pacific Island Children (From 9th Month to the end of Second Year)’, South Pacific Commission, Health Section, Nutrition Pamphlet No.2, n.d. [c.1949?]; Ts., roneo, 5pp. (2 copies.)

  • ‘Notes to Accompany Itinerary of Assistant Administrator’s Visit to Lumi, 26th March, 1960’, Ts., 3pp.;

  • Arthur ? (UPNG) to Sir John [Gunther], 31 Aug and 18 Nov 1976, Ms., 4pp., with Manpower Planning Unit, Discussion Paper No.4, ‘Doctors in the Nation’s Service 1976-78’, August 1976; Ts., roneo, 27pp.

  • Peter Pangkatana, ‘Training of Doctors – Where are we aiming at?’, n.d.[c.1977], Ts., roneo, 5pp

  • Sir John Gunther to Dr Tavil, re Dr Tavil’s progress report on malaria control, Jan-Dec 1978, Ts. & Ms. drafts, 5 Nov 1979.



Papuan Medical College.

Establishment of University of Papua New Guinea AED Faculty. Correspondence, reports, etc., arranged together in files, as follows:

  • Faculty of Medicine. Submissions for Recurrent & Capital Expenditure 1969-1974.

  • File A.23. Vice-Chancellor. Medical Faculty - Revised Budget 1970-1975 - for Executive Committee 20 May 1970.


JG/31 cont.

  • Registrar. Medical Faculty - Revised Budget 1970-1975 - for Executive Committee 20 May 1970.

  • File A.23. ‘Spare Copies’. Holds the following documents:

  • ‘Training of Indigenous persons to handle rural health services in PNG’, 3 Aug 1962, Ts., roneo, 16pp.;

  • Sydney Sunderland and Edward Ford to P.M.C. Hasluck, 12 Jun 1961, re Central Medical Training School, Port Moresby, Ts., 11pp.;

  • R.F.R. Scragg to Chairman Commission for Higher Education, 24 Jul 1963, re Papuan Medical College – Port Moresby, Ts., 2pp.;

  • Scragg to Hasluck, 26 Jul 1963, re Needs of the Territory for Medical Graduates, Ts., 2pp.;

  • I.C. Fang, Regional Director WHO, 28 Oct 1963, re sponsoring conference of Deans of Medical Schools, Ts., p/c. 4pp.;

  • Dept of Public Health Proposals for the establishment of a Faculty of Medicine within the University of Papua and New Guinea, n.d., Ts., roneo, 6pp, and appendices;

  • Memorandum on future relations between the University and the Papuan Medical College, n.d., Ts., roneo, 2pp.;

  • File A23. Loose papers, as follows:

  • Prof R.C. Bennett to Dr J.T. Gunther, 22 Feb 1972, with enclosure and Gunther’s draft reply;

  • Ian S. Reid to Prof. P.H. Karmel, 24 Nov 1965, and reply;

  • J.R. Prince, ‘Medical Students in the Preliminary Year’, 10 Mar 1967, Ts., roneo, 4pp.;

  • I. Maddocks, ‘Medical Standards in PNG’, 29 May 1969, Ts., 10pp.;

  • Papuan Medical College Annual report, 1969, Ts., roneo, 72pp.;

D.O. Hay (Administrator) to Dr J.T. Gunther (Vice-Chancellor UPNG), 10 Dec 1968, Ts., roneo, 2pp., re UPNG taking over Papuan Medical College.

Reel 3


Medical Education Various.

  • WHO, Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Conference of Deans of Medical Schools, Manila, 18-27 Nov 1963, Information Bulletin Nos.1, 6 & 9, and conference presentation papers, Nos.1-5.

  • ‘The Nottingham Concept in Terms of a Medical School in Papua and New Guinea’, n.d., Ts., 4pp., and attachments.

  • ‘Basic Information on Medical Education’, n.d., Ts., p/c, 4pp.

  • ‘Course of Study’, n.d., Ts., 3pp.

  • G.W. Gale, ‘Medical Schools in Africa: A Short Historical and Contemporary Study’, Journal of Medical Education, 34:8, Aug 1959, pp.712-719;

  • R.L. Sherwood, ‘Healing the Wounds’, Med. Journal of Australia, 25 Jan 1969, pp.174-178;

  • T. Hale Ham, ‘Medical Progress. Medical Education at Western Reserve University: A Progress Report for the Sixteen Years, 1946-1962’, 16pp.

  • ‘Fiji School of Medicine 1963’, Ts., 7pp.


JG/32 cont.

  • ‘The George Washington School of Medicine, February 1960’, Ts., p/c,

  • ‘Changes in Medical Curriculum’ [McGill], Aug 1967, Ts., p/c, 3pp.

  • ‘Second Report of the Planning Committee appointed by the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland to advise it on the desirability and practicability of establishing a Medical School’, Ts., roneo, 38pp.

  • Case Western Reserve University, ‘Administrative Organization for Medical Education’, Ts., c.14pp.

  • Dar Es Salam School of Medicine, ‘Background Information, Regulations & Syllabus, 1966-67’, Ts., roneo, 12pp.

  • University of East Africa, University College, Dar Es Salam, Faculty of Medicine, ‘Proposed Regulations for the M.B. Ch.B. Degree, July 1967’, Ts., roneo, Ts., 6pp.

  • University of East Africa, University College Nairobi, Faculty of Medicine, ‘Regulations for the Conjoined Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B., Ch.B.)’, Mar 1967, Ts., roneo, 6pp.

  • Introduction to the third curriculum adopted by the Makerere University College Medical School, Ts., roneo, 5pp. together with an illustrated pamphlet on the Makerere University College Medical School, Kampala, 16pp.

(See also J.T. Gunther, ‘Some Recent Experiences in Medical Schools Overseas’, PNG Medical Journal, 11:5, Oct 1968, pp.75-80, in JG/34, below.)


Hospitals – Health and all medical matters AA(S) (Personal).

Some letters to Director of Public Health from J.T. Gunther as Assistant Administrator (Services), 28 April 1964-30 Nov 1965; Ts., 80pp.



Technical Papers.

Including the following:

  • E. Massall, SPC, to J.T. Gunther, requesting information on training of medical, dental, nursing and sanitary personnel, 26 Sep 1949, Ts., 1p.

  • ‘Plan for a Medical Training Programme’, 1956, Ts., carbon, 83pp.

  • Note re report of visit to Nigeria in 1959 by Professor Graham Hull who observed that, “Expenditure should be mainly in the field of public health. Curative medicine is a luxury which must be dispensed very sparingly…”, Ts., carbon, 1p.

  • J.T. Gunther, untitled speech on public health, n.d., Ms. & Ts., 7pp.

  • ‘Local Health Service. Third Report of the Expert Committee on Public Health Administration’, WHO Technical Report Series, No.194, 1960, 49pp.

  • J.L. Jameson, DPH Lae, Report on Triple Antigen Immunisations – Numeng Sub-District, Telecon Scragg-Jameson, 7 Mar 1963, together letter from R. Scragg to Assistant Administrator (Services), re Poliomyelitis – Wewak Area, 12 Mar 1963, Ts., 4pp.


JG/34 cont.

  • WHO, ‘Measures for Providing Effective Assistance in Medical Education and Training to Meet Priority Needs of the Newly Independent and Emerging Countries’, Official Records of the WHO, No.127, Nov 1963, 13pp.

  • Papers of the Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates, 1964-1971

  • ‘New Guinea: Its People and Medical Problems’, Annual Meeting, Royal Australian College of Physicians, Adelaide, 20 May 1966, Ts., 8pp.

  • Maurice King, ‘Medicine in Zambia’, The Lancet, 11 Nov 1967, pp. 1031-1033.

  • J.T. Gunther, ‘Some Recent Experiences in Medical Schools Overseas’, PNG Medical Journal, 11:5, Oct 1968, pp.75-80, with draft report of his tour of medical schools in the Philippines, USA, Canada, Britain and a number of African countries, Ts., 15pp. (See also JG/32.)

  • W.L. Barton and M.A.C. Dowling, ‘Human Resources in Tropical Health Programmes: Some aspects of long-term planning and staff training’, Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Health and Hygiene, 16 Jan 1969, p/c, pp.155-186.

  • H. Abad-Gomez, “The Need, Training and Qualifications of a ‘Multi-purpose local health worker’ for the developing areas of the world”, Ts., roneo, 8pp.

  • J.T. Gunther, ‘Commemoration Address’, Faculty of Medicine, 21 Feb 1972, Ts., 9pp.



Draft papers and reprints, as follows:

  • J.T. Gunther, untitled report on malaria, “malaria is not just a disease…” n.d., Ms., 9pp.

  • Malaria Control Pilot Project Maprik, Data on Malaria Control Assistants, 27 Mar 1960; Ts., 2pp., with related correspondence, Feb-Mar 1960.

  • R.J. Walsh, Helen Cotter and N.EW.G. Macintosh, ‘Haemoglobin values of natives in the Western Highlands, New Guinea’, Medical J. of Australia, 20 Jun 1959; pp.534-536.

  • Helen Cotter & R.J. Walsh, ‘Haemoglobin values in some Pacific native groups’, MJA, 1 Nov 1958 2pp.

  • Jean Armytage, Olga Kooptzoff & R.J. Walsh, ‘A study of the haemoglobin values and blood groups of some indigenous natives of the Bololo River Valley, New Guinea’, Oceania, 29:4, Jun 1959; pp.297-301.

  • R. Maclennan, O. Kooptzoff & R.J. Walsh, ‘A survey of the blood groups and haemoglobin values of the natives in the Mount Hagen area, New Guinea’, Oceania, 30:4, Jun 1960; pp.313-320.

  • R.J. Walsh, J.L. Jameson & O. Kooptzoff, ‘Blood groups and haemoglobin values of natives from Minj, New Guinea’, Oceania, 31:1, Sep 1960; pp.77-82.

  • J. Kariks, O. Kooptzoff, M. Steed, H. Cotter, & R.J. Walsh, ‘A study of some physical characteristics of the Goroka natives, New Guinea’, Oceania, 30:3, Mar 1960; pp.225-236.


JG/35 cont.

  • L.T. Champness, O. Kooptzoff & R.J. Walsh, ‘A study of the population near Aiome, New Guinea’, Oceania, 30:4, Jun 1960; pp.294-304.

  • A.G. Anderson, R.L. Doherty & J.G. Varley, ‘Epidemic Polyarthritis: antibody to a Group Anthropod-Borne virus in Australia and the island of New Guinea’, MJA, 25 Feb 1961, p.273; 11pp.

  • J.N. Lambert, Nutrition Planner, National Planning Office, ‘National Nutrition Study [1978]: A Further Discussion of the Results’, n.d., Ts., p/c, 6pp.

  • D.P. Drover & I. Maddocks, ‘Iron Content of native Foods’, PNG Medical J., 18:1, Mar 1978, pp.15-17.

  • Lieut.-Col. G. Covell, Director of the Malaria Institute, India, ‘Lectures on Malaria’, Health Bulletin No.5; Malaria Bulletin No.1, Govt. of India Press, New Delhi, 1940; 33pp.

  • Untitled essay, ‘The New Guinea Biological Foundation made it possible for me to study malaria in Papua New Guinea from a distance…”, Ts., 4pp., & Ts., 2pp. draft, annotated.

  • J.T. Gunther, ‘Eighty Percent Man’, n.d., Ts., roneo, 27pp., with covering letter, 27 Oct 1980, and statement of expenditure.

  • J.T. Gunther (?), ‘Population’, n.d. (c.1980), Ts., annotated, 17pp.

  • J.T. Gunther (?), ‘Nutrition’, n.d. (c.1979), Ts., 27pp.


Malaria Service, Department of Public Health, ‘List of Technical Regions and Projects. Eradicating Activities, as at June 30th, 1963. Census Population 1960 - Areas - Densities per square mile. Order of Regions:- Islands, Western, Eastern, Highlands West, Highlands East, Papua West & Papua East’; Ts., 18pp. Includes ‘Technical Region – Islands’.

30 Jun 1963


Mental Work. John Thomson Lecture.

  • J.T. Gunther, John Thomson Memorial Lecture, 8 Jul 1969. No title. The lecture begins: "The majority of Niuguineans (and this includes Papuans) are still only 80% healthy – they are sick people…", Ts., roneo, 31pp.

  • Untitled statement in response to World Bank Report advising on rationalisation of Agricultural Extension Officers in PNG, n.d.; Ts., carbon pp.1-13, incomplete, annotated.

  • United Nations Visiting Mission, transcript of discussion held in the Dept of Territories, Canberra, 28 Apr 1965; Ts., roneo, 34pp.

  • R.K. Macpherson, 'Efficiency of Mental Workers in the Tropics', 27 Jun 1963; Ts., 11pp.



Kuru – Popular Reports.

  • J. Guldbrandt, A Medical Mystery: Kuru in New guinea’, World Health Magazine (WHO), Jan 1963; pp.5-7.

  • J.D. Mathews, ‘Kuru’, Abbottempo, (Netherlands) Book 2, 1970, Ts., pp.32-36.

1963 & 1970


Population Dynamics of the Kikuya of Fergusson Is.

  • W.E. Smythe, 'Population Dynamics of the Kikuya of Fergusson Island'; Ts., carbon, 48pp., and cover note dated 10 Feb 1965. The paper was compiled in 1963 by G.F. Humphrey (Chief, Division of Fisheries and Oceanography, CSIRO, Cronulla) from notes, records and reports left by Dr Smythe.




Press clippings and notes, as follows:

  • Donald Gould, ‘Food, Brains and Race’, New Statesman, 9 Dec 1966; p.873.

  • J.T. Gunther, ‘Nutrition’, n.d., Ts., roneo, 24pp., plus footnotes.

  • Burton G. Burton-Bradley, ‘Tradition, Social Change and Child Psychiatry in Papua New Guinea’, n.d. (C.1973?), Ts., roneo, 13pp.

  • Peter Irwin, ‘Systems in Agricultural Geography’, The Australian, 2 Nov 1976, p.19.

  • ‘Nutrition a top priority’ (editorial), Post-Courier, 22 Mar 1977.

  • ‘Thousands are starving to death’, Post-Courier, 2 Dec 1977.

  • Robyn Wood-Bradley, ‘Death from malnutrition’ (letter to editor), Post-Courier, 21 Dec 1977.

  • ‘Government Takes New Stand Against Malnutrition’, Hiri (PNG Office of Information), Dec 1977; p.9.

  • Rowan Callick, ‘Grow-your-own may cut into food exports’, The Australian, 22 Dec 1977; together with PNG Press Release No.1809:B, 8 Dec 1974, ‘37c to Eat in Moresby’, Ts., roneo, 2pp.

  • ‘Big drive to lift diet of students’, Post-Courier, 13 Jan 1978.

  • ‘Starving in the midst of plenty’ (Editorial), Post-Courier, 16 Jan 1978.

  • ‘PNG may have new nutrition program’, Papua New Guinea Newsletter, 9 Dec 1977

  • ‘Three join malnutrition battle’, Papua New Guinea Newsletter, 24 Feb 1978.

  • ‘Malnutrition declining – Tololo’, Papua New Guinea Newsletter, 16 Jun 1978.


Reel 4



Articles and correspondence, as follows:-

  • Arnoldo Gabaldon (Professor of Latin-American Studies, University of Cambridge), ‘Health Services and Socioeconomic Development in Latin America’, 12 April 1969, Ts., roneo, 10pp.

  • Arnoldo Gabaldon, ‘What can and cannot be achieved with conventional anti-malaria measures’, Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., 27:4, 1978; pp.653-658.

  • New Guinea News Service, Supplement – Malaria (Article 2), 3 Jun 1970, Ts., roneo, 4pp. Includes ‘Facts and Figures’ giving lists of research staff, 1904-1970, and some statistics by areas,

  • ‘M.E.P. – Summarised Information on Hospitals and Basic Health Services’ [map of PNG showing Malaria Service Field Units, Hospitals and Health Centres; Infant Child and Maternal Health Clinics], 1968, Ts., 1p.

  • TPNG, Malaria Eradication Programme, ‘Distribution of Malaria Service Units’ [map of PNG], n.d., Ts., roneo, 1p.

  • Roy Scragg to Sir John Gunther, 22 Jun 1978, Ts., 2pp.

  • N.W. Tavil (Assistant Secretary, Malaria Control) to Sir John Gunther, 27 Apr 1978, Ts., 2pp.

  • Circular letter by Sir John Gunther, 18 Oct 1978, re decision on how to tackle the malaria problem, Ts., 5pp., and Ms., draft.


JG/41 cont.

  • Sir John Gunther to Your Grace, n.d., Ts., carbon, (2 copies).

  • Sir John Gunther to Charles, n.d., Ts., carbon, (2 copies).

  • G.H. Slade (New Guinea Biological Foundation) to Sir John Gunther, n.d., 1p.

  • Sir John Gunther to Francisco Dy, 14 Dec 1977, Ms., 2pp., p/c.

  • Francisco J. Dy (Regional Director, WHO, Office of the Western Pacific) to Sir John Gunther, 24 Nov 1977

  • P.M.A. Spread, ‘Note on Tripartite Review of Malaria Project, 14 Sep 1977, Ts., 5pp.

  • Sir John Gunther to Dr Alpers, n.d., Ts., 2pp.

  • Sir John Gunther to Francisco Dy, 9 Nov 1977, Ts., 2pp. (2 copies).

  • Sir John Gunther to Robbie, 9 Nov 1977, Ts., 3pp. (2 copies).

  • L.D. Pryor (New Guinea Biological Foundation), to Sir John Gunther re ‘grant to visit PNG to develop ideas of malaria control through bonification’, 17 Aug 1977, Ts, 1p. (2 copies)

  • Draft letter to Lindsay, n.d., Ms., 3pp.


Malaria. PNG Epidemiology. Historical Control. Fourth Inter-Territorial Malaria Conference, Kundiawa, May 1969.

Conference papers and related material, including:

  • K.A. Adair, ‘Costing of the Territory Programme’, May 1969.

  • J.G. Avery, ‘Country Report – B.S.I.P.’, May 1969.

  • R.H. Black, ‘Country Report – Australia’, May 1969.

  • ‘Country Report – Indonesia’, May 1969.

  • Bulolo Gold Dredging Ltd, Hospital Bulolo, TNG, Circular No.1, Carl E.M. Gunther, ‘Malaria Control: Paludrine’, 16 Apr 1947, Ts. 1p.

  • Bulolo Gold Dredging Ltd, Hospital Bulolo, TNG, Circular No.2, ‘Malaria Control: Drivers’, 4 Aug 1947, Ts., 1p.

  • Carl E.M. Gunther, B.G.D. Hospital, Bulolo, ‘Interim report on the use of Paludrine at Bulolo’, Ts., carbon, 4pp.

  • J.J. Saave et al., ‘National Malaria School and its Contribution to the Malaria Eradication Programme in PNG’, May 1969.

  • W. Peters and H.A. Standfast, ‘’The Susceptibility of Mosquitoes of the Anopheles punctulatus Group to Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Insecticides’, Australian Journal of Science, Vol.20, 1957-58; pp.218-219.

  • R. Black et al., ‘Socio Economic Impact of Mass Campaign Malaria Eradication Programme’, Seminar of Malaria Eradication, Port Moresby, 18 Sep 1969.

  • A.J. Radford, ‘Basic Health Services and Allied Agencies in PNG’, May 1969.

  • E.J. Wright, ‘Selling the Product to the Consumer in Malaria Eradication Programmes’, May 1969.

  • ‘The Place of Health Education in Malaria Programme (Report of Discussion Group B’, May 1969.

  • Malaria Service Staff, ‘Investigations and Operational Studies’, May 1969.

  • J.D. Macgregor, ‘Indicator Areas in Epidemiological Assessment B.S.I.P.’, May 1969.

May 1969

JG/42, cont.

  • Saave, et al., ‘Logarithmic probability paper for recording susceptibility to DDT’, May 1969.

  • M.A. Farid, ‘The Prospects of Malaria Eradication in the South-West Pacific’, May 1969.

  • F.B. Bang et al., ‘DDT spraying inside houses as a means of malaria control in New Guinea’, Transactions of the Royal Soc. for Trop. Med. & Hyg., 40:6, Jul 1947; pp.809-822.

  • A.W. Sweeney, ‘Control of Anopheles farauti larvae by abate organophosphorous insecticide’, May 1969.

  • J.J. Saave et al., ‘A note on the use of abate for ground control in the Port Moresby area’, May 1969.

  • J.J. Saave et al., ‘Difficulties in the field – Herculla nigrivitta’, May 1869.

  • T.V. Bourke, ‘Aspects of insecticide application in malaria control programs other than the effect on the insect vectors’, May 1969.

  • R.H Black, ‘Observations on the behaviour of Anopheles farauti laveran, an important malaria vector in the TPNG’, MJA, 25 Jun 1955; pp.949-955.

  • E.A. Holland, ‘An experiment in the control of malaria in New Ireland by distribution of Gambusia affins, Trans. Royal Soc. Trop. Med. & Hyg., 26:6, May 1933; pp.529-538.

  • M. Spencer, ‘Blood preferences of Anopheles farauti’, PNG Medical Journal, 7:1, Dec 1964; pp.19-22.

  • W. Peters, ‘Malaria Control in PNG’, PNG Medical Journal, 3:3, Dec 1959; pp.666-75.

  • J.D. Macgregor & M.A. Farid, ‘Report of the Independent Assessment Team of the Malaria Control Programme in Papua New Guinea 10 February to 26 March 1975’, WHO, Regional Office for the South Pacific, 9 Jun 1975; Ts., 53pp.

  • 4th Inter-Territorial Malaria Conference, Kundiawa, May 1969, Recommendations.

  • N.W. Tavil, ‘Comments on the minutes of the Tripartite Review’, 14 Oct 1977, Ts., roneo, 5ppp.

  • P.M.A. Spread, ‘Note on the Tripartite Review of Malaria Project, 14 September, 1977’, Ts., p/c, 5pp.

  • W.J.O.M. van Dijk, ‘Notes on a field visit to Papua New Guinea, 13 to 16 September 1977’, Ts., p/c (poor), 3pp.

  • W.J.O.M. van Dijk, ‘The Antimalarial Programme in the Western Pacific Region: Areas for Research’, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Seventh S-W Pacific Malaria Conference, 20-26 Sep 1977, Ts., 36pp.

  • ‘Country Report – T.P.N.G.’, May 1969.

  • Ian …? to Dr Gunther, 24 Dc 1964, reporting on malaria control activities, Ts., 2pp.

  • R.S. Desowitz & J.J. Saave, ‘The application of the Haemagglutination Test to a study of immunity to malaria in protected and unprotected populations of Australian New Guinea’, WHO, 23 Jul 1964, Ts., 25pp.

JG/42 cont.

  • Charts and maps: MEP Malaria Diagnostic Unit PMGH OPD Papuans New Guineans Institutional Case Detection, 1967-1968; 1p.; MEP, PNG, PMGH, ICD, Papuans and New Guineans Out Patients Dept, 1967 Pre-Operational, 1968 post-operational statistics, Ts., 1p.; Monthly Comparison of Lab. Results (Malaria Diagnostic Unit) 1967 and 1968, Ts., 1p.; Progressive Development in Fiscal Years, Malaria Eradication Programme, 1962/3-1967/8. Ts., 1p.; Budgetary Details, Malaria Eradication programme PNG, 1962-1968, Ts., 1p.

  • J.J. Saave, ‘Review Malaria Eradication Programme Territory Papua/New Guinea’, Jul 1963, Ts., 10pp. and appendices 1-11.

  • R.H. Black, ‘Toast to malaria Eradication’, May 1969, Ts., 2pp..

  • H.A. Standfast, ‘Biting Times on Nine Species of New Guinea Colicae (Dipteran)’, J. Med. Net., 4:2, May 1967; pp.1932-196.

  • R. Sloof, ‘Individualism in Mosquitoes – A Possible Complication?’, May 1969, Ts., 10pp.

  • Extracts from David Lee, ‘Records of Anopheles (Diptera, Culicidae) from High Altitudes in New Guinea’, Australian Journal of Science, 8:6, Jun 1946, Ts., roneo, 21 pp.

See also JG/67 for more papers from the 4th Inter-Territorial Malaria Conference, Kundiawa, May 1969.


Arnoldo Cabaldon, An outline of an expanding country-wide Malaria Eradication Programme for the Territory of Papua and New Guinea. Composed and typed for the Department of Public Health T.P.N.G. from the Original Report by M.G. Wallis, 7 Feb 1969; Ts., bound, 195pp.



R.E. Mylius and H.W. Vickers (eds.), Vaccination Policy, 1969-1971, TPNG, Dept of Public Health, Ts., 101pp., bound.




Various published articles, including:

  • V.I. Gavrilov, et al., ‘Persistent Infection of Continuous Line of Pig Kidney Cells with a variant of the WSN Strain of Influenza A Virus’, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 140, May 1972; pp.109-117.

  • Paul Brown, D. Carleton Gajdusek, et al., ‘Antigenic Response to Influenza Virus in Man’, American Journal of Epidemiology, 90:4, 1969; pp.327-343.

  • Julius A. Kasel et al., ‘Human Influenza: Aspects of the Immune Response to Vaccination’, Annals of Internal Medicine, 71:2, Aug 1969; pp.369-398.



Suggested Syllabus Certificate of Medical Technology: Recommendations from the Workshop to Review Medical Technology Training in Papua New Guinea, November 1970 - March 1971; Ts., 38pp., bound.



S.C. Wigley, Tuberculosis and New Guinea 1871 to 1971, Papua New Guinea, Department of Public Health, 1974; Ts., 250pp.


JG 48

Malaria History.

  • Correspondence from David Parkinson to Gunther, 12 Apr 1973, with his ‘History of Malaria Control on Papua New Guinea’, Ts., 8pp., and letters to Gunther, 3 Jul & 7 Aug 1973, from D.G. Woodfield, editor of the Medical Journal of PNG re the Dec 1973 issue;

  • Together with various off-prints and articles, including: J.T. Gunther, ‘The Early History of Malaria Control in Papua New Guinea’ and Robert H. Black, ‘Malaria’ (editorial), both in PNG Medical Journal, 17:1, Dec 1973; D.F. Clyde, ‘An examination of factors involved in the transfer of pyrimethamine in human milk’, East African Med J, 34:3, Mar 1957; and H.A.P.C. Oomen, ‘The relationship between liver size, malaria and diet in Papuan children’, Documenta de Medicina Geographica et Tropica, Vol.8, 1957;

  • plus photocopies of articles on health and society from Far Eastern Economic Review, 25 Nov 1977; and Action Against Tropical Disease: Second Annual Report [1977-1978], Geneva, UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme, 36pp.


Reel 5



Correspondence and other documents as follows:

  • Anselm M. Keefe (Philippines) to J.T. Gunther, 22 Dec 1944, Ts. 1p.

  • F.H. Taylor (School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, University of Sydney) to Gunther, 19 Sep 1945, Ms., 1p.

  • Reference for Capt. Claude Lum from Sgd. J.M. Dwyer, 12 Feb 1946, Ts., 1p.

  • Notes from L.W. Haskett, Malaria in Europe, London, OUP, 1937, Ms., 8pp.

  • S.H. Christian (Minj) to Gunther, 14 Jul 1979, Ts., 1p.

  • N. Tavil (PNG Dept of Health) to Gunther, 3 Mar 1980, Ts., 1p.

  • S.H. Christian (Minj) to Gunther, 10 Jun 1980, Ts., 1p.

  • S.H. Christian (Minj) to Gunther, 19 Aug 1980, Ts., 1p.

  • F. Reiher (Sec., PNG Dept of PM) to Gunther, 20 Oct 1981, Ts., 1p.

  • Paul Addison, ‘Letter from Hawaii’ [on Malaria], Far Eastern Economic Rev, 16 Oct 1981, p/c, 1p.

  • ‘The Chance of Eradicating Malaria’, Economist, 3 Oct 1981, p/c, 1p.



Medical Society of Papua New Guinea, 10th Annual Symposium, Medical Education and Research in Papua New Guinea, Goroka, 26th & 27th July 1974 [conference papers], Ts., roneo, 240pp., bound.

Jul 1974


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