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Genetics and Blood Groups. NOT MICROFILMED.

Reprints of published scholarly articles:

  • Murray Groves et al., 'Blood Groups of the Motu and Koita Peoples', Oceania, 28:3, Mar 1958;

  • C.C. Curtain et al., 'Cold Haemaglutins: Unusual incidence in Melanesian Populations', British Journal of Haematology, 11:4, Jul 1965;

  • R.T. Simmons et al. 'Blood Group Genetic Data from the Maprik Area of the Sepik District, New Guinea', Oceania, 35:3, Mar 1965;

  • N.W.G. Macintosh et al., 'The Blood Groups of the Native Inhabitants of the Western Highlands, New Guinea', Oceania, 28:3, Mar 1958;

  • R.T. Simmons et al., 'A Blood Group Genetical Survey in New Britain', Am. J. Phys. Anthrop, 18:2 Jun 1960;

  • H. Juptner et al., 'The Blood Groups of some Native Inhabitants of the Gulf District, New Guinea', Oceania, 29:2, Dec 1958;

  • R.J. Walsh, 'Genetic Variants of D and C in the New Guinea Highlands', Proc 8th Congr. Int. Soc. Blood Transf., Tokyo, 1960.

Together with the following popular articles:

  • L.C. Birch, 'The Biological Future of Man', The Gazette (Sydney University), 2:14, Nov 1967;

  • Robert Darroch, 'Genetic Engineering - the Big Growth Industry', The Bulletin, 6 Jan 1981;

  • Pete Gwynne, 'Finding Eve's Cousin', Newsweek, 29 Jan 1979;

  • Peter Evans, 'Race and Intelligence', The Mirror (Ministry of Culture, Singapore), 7:27, 5 Jul 1971.



Blood Groups.

W.R. Pitney, Haematological Survey in Papua New Guinea, June and July 1961. With the assistance of Dr B. Ryan, Specialist Medical Officer. Mr J. Riley, medical laboratory technician, and officers of the Department of Public Health. Part I. Ts., roneo, p/c, 13pp.

1 Aug 1961


Hospitals and Medical Education.

Papers gathered by Dr Scragg, including:

  • R. Scragg to J.T. Gunther, 23 Oct 1980, Ms., 1p.;

  • Administrator to Gunther, acknowledging receipt of Gunther’s letter, dated 6 Oct 1949, on the subject of tuberculosis amongst the native population and building of new hospitals, Ts & Ms, 1p, 11 Oct 1949;


JG/29 cont.

  • Dept of Public Health, Circular Memorandum, No.144, Aid Posts; Native Medical and Hygiene Assistants, 4 Sep 1950, Ts., p/c, 2pp., with Circular No.117, Cmth Reconstruction Training Scheme & Medical Training, 6 Jan 1950, Ts., p/c, 4pp., with cover note by Albert Speer, 15 Oct 1980, Ms., p/c, 1p.;

  • J.T. Gunther to the Administrator, information on hospital construction requirements, 27 Dec 1956, Ts., carbon, 20pp., plus appendices;

  • R. Scragg to Executive Officer, Commission for Higher Education, Port Moresby, re needs of the Territory for medical graduates, 26 Jul 1963, Ts., carbon, 2pp., with list of the establishment of Papuan Medical College showing rates of pay, n.d., Ts., carbon, 1p.;

  • World Health Organisation, Division of Education and Training, ‘Planning of the Medical School in a Developing Country’, Ts., roneo, 1963-1964;

  • David P. Bowler, ‘Contribution of Australian medical schools to Paediatric education in Papua, New Guinea’, Ts., 3pp., 24 May 1967;

  • J.T. Gunther, ‘Some Experiences in Medical Schools Overseas’, PNG Med J., 11:3, Oct 1968, pp.75-80;

  • Oscar Gish, “Medical Education and the ‘Brain Drain’”, Brit. J. Med. Educ, 1969, 3, 11-14;

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