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Part 1, General Report; roneo, bound, 58ppp., plus index

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Part 1, General Report; roneo, bound, 58ppp., plus index
Part II, Illustrations; roneo, bound. Mould damage; c.70pp.
Part III. Appendices; printed, bound, c.200pp.

  • Chart showing daily rainfall September, n.d., n.p.; Ms., 1 sheet.

  • Mar 1947

    JG 57/4

    Not used.


    Report of Native Planning Welfare Committee and Infant and Maternal Welfare.

    • Inter-Departmental Committee on Native Development and Welfare, notice of meeting, 21 Dec 1948, Ts., 1p., with draft paper on 'Infant & Maternal Welfare', Ts., carbon, 11pp.

    • 'Report of Native Planning Welfare Committee', n.d.; Ts., carbon, 36pp.

    • Michael Alpers, 'Research Plans for the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research', 7 Sep 1977; Ts., roneo, 4pp.

    • E.J.H. Corner, 'Impact of Man on the Vegetation of the Humid Tropics', Nature, 189:4758, 7 Jan 1961.

    1948, 1961, 1977


    Medical History and Letters.

    • Gunther, part letter on establishment and equipping of regional hospitals, Jun 1949, Ts., pp.4-5, only, with appendices: A. requirements all base hospitals; B. requirements for district hospitals; C. building priority for district hospitals; D. standard for sub-district hospitals; E. sub-district hospital priorities; F. overall priorities.

    • Statistical charts on infant mortality, spleen index, stool examination, probable cause of infant death, n.d., Ms., 3pp.

    • Monthly Report [Infant Health Clinics?], Gorohu, Korobosea, Vabukori, Egedobe, Rea Rea, Boera, Koki Convent, Koki A.P.C., Koki Compound, Mantoux and B.C.G. results of tests on children at nine villages, Jan 1951, Ts., 6pp.

    • E.F. Kunz, questions to Gunther re establishment of health scheme in PNG, with covering letter, Apr-May 1973;

    • Nancy Lutton to Gunther,20 Aug 1979, re missing Department of Public Health Circular No.69 of 6 Aug 1948, Ts., 2pp.

    • Kalamazooo Business System to Gunther, Jul & Aug 1981, re punch card systems, Ts., 3pp.



    South Pacific Commission.

    • South Pacific Commission Working Committee fifth meeting, Aug 1949. Notes on the Agenda Item 9, Representation, Organisation and Administrative arrangements; Ts., 5pp.

    • Correspondence on SPC matters, including composition of Research Council with W.D. Forsyth, J.R. Halligan, T.A. Pyman, J.W. Burton, with several papers on the Research Council, Jun-Oct 1949, Ts., c.40pp.

    Jun-Oct 1949


    P-106 - 369/C. Staff. Director of Public Health, Dr. J.T. Gunther, Official correspondence re salaries, conditions, leave, travel, etc., Ts. & Ms., ff.1-242.

    Jul 1949-Jun 1951



    • S.C. Wigley, ‘Report of the Goroka Conference on Tuberculosis Control in the Highlands Region of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea’, n.d., Ts., carbon, 10pp.

    • Correspondence with J.K Murray, Dr A. Murray, E. Massal, and others, Jun 1949-May 1950.

    • Printed Papers from the Asian-Pacific Tuberculosis Conference, Sydney, 15-21 Aug 1955.

    Jun 1949-Aug 1955


    Letters. (Marked ‘Jim Griffin’.) Including:

    • A.J. Wright (New Britain District Medical Officer), to Director Public Health, re staffing for medical facilities in Rabaul, 28 Aug 1949.

    • J.K. Murray (Administrator) to Gunther, 5 Sep, 1 Oct, 10 Oct 1949.

    • J.T. Gunther, 'Notes Approx 1958', on the organisation of TPNG Administration; Ms., c.20pp.

    • 'Duties in General', outlining the duties of the officers of the Dept of Public Health, n.d.; Ms., 6pp.

    • Draft paper, no title, n.d., on entitlements of Europeans and Asiatics, especially public servants, in PNG to medical services and estimating costs; Ts., 3pp.

    • Untitled paper on medical services in TPNG, n.d.; Ts., 17pp.

    • J.T. Gunther to H.A. Bland (Secretary, Cmth Dept of Labour & National Service) re formation of trade unions and chambers of commerce in PNG, 12 Dec 1958; Ts., 3pp.;

    • Donald Cleland to J.T. Gunther, re problems in the Legislative Council, 24 Jun 1959; Ts., 3pp. Plus copy of letter from the Governor-General's Office to W.R. Carter, Director Post and Telegraphs, 18 Jun 1959; Ts., 2pp.

    • Bland to Gunther, 7 Nov 1960, plus copy of memo to P. Hasluck, Min for Territories, re Mission to PNG to survey labour matters, 31 Oct 1960; Ts., roneo, 11pp.


    JG/10 cont.

    • J.T. Gunther to Sir Donald Cleland, 12 Aug 1963, re Director of Native Affairs and some of his officers; Ts., 2pp.

    • J.T. Gunther to W.F. Carter (Asst. Administrator), 12 Aug 1963, re Oala Rarua, the Dept of Native Affairs and opposition to Port Moresby, Ts., 2pp.

    • Gunther to Cleland, 9 Oct 1963, re Mr Lalor and impact of Public Service Bill on Public Service Association, Ts., 2pp.

    • Gunther to W.F. Carter, 9 Oct 1963, re Public Service, Police and Local Govt Bill in the Legislative Assembly; Ts., 1p.

    • K.R. McKinnon (Director of Education) to Gunther, 17 Feb 1972, re matters for the National Education Board; Ts., 2pp.

    • McKinnon (Cmth Dept of Educ, Interim Committee for Schools Commission) to Gunther, 23 Oct 1973, inviting JTG to sit on Committee; Ts., 3pp.

    • Harry Jackman to J.T. Gunther, Oct 1975-Jun 1976, re a possible Australia-PNG Friendship Association, etc.

    • L.W. Johnson to J.T. Gunther, 14 Jan 1974, re Purari River Scheme; Ts., 2pp.

    • Edward Wolfers to Gunther, 19 Jul 1976, re JTG's comments on Wolfers' book; Ts., 2pp.

    • J.A. Ballard, 'Policy Making as Trauma: Provincial Government in PNG 1972-1979, Dept of Political Science, RSSS, ANU, work-in-progress seminar paper, 24 Apr 1979; Ts., roneo, 16pp.


    Information for Mt Lamington.

    • Territory of Papua and New Guinea, P.H.D. Circular No.129, ‘Treatment of Burns’, 29 May 1950; Ts., 5pp.

    • Dr J.T. Gunther, Report on the Mount Lamington Volcanic Eruption, 29 Jan 1951; Ts., 5pp. (3 copies).

    • N.H. Fisher (Chief Geologist) to Dr Gunther, 6 Mar 1951; Ts., 1p.

    • ‘Mount Pelee Volcano, Martinique’, Ts., 1p., extract from T.A. Jaggar, Volcanoes Declare War, pp.142-143.

    • Extract from E.C. Hovey, ‘Martinique and St Vincent; a preliminary report on the eruptions of 1902’, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, Vol.12, 1902, pp.366-8; Ts., 2pp.

    • Extract from ‘Report on the eruptions of the Soufriere, in St. Vincent in 1902’, p.523, and on ‘A Visit to Montagne Pelee, in Martinique’, 1903, by Tempest Anderson and John S. Flett. The Cause of Deaths. Ts., 5pp.

    • Extract from ‘Mount Pelee and the Tragedy of Martinique’, p.311, by Angelo Heilprin, 1903; Ts., 2pp.

    • Dr John Gunther to Dr Fisher, n.d.; Ms., 3pp. draft.

    • Sketch map showing Mt Lamington blast area, n.d.; Ms., pencil, 1p.

    • Higaturu district map, n.d.; printed, p/c, 1p.

    • ‘Heroism at Mount Lamington’, Australian Territories, Vol.2, No.5, Sep 1962; pp.20-24.

    May 1950-Mar 1951


    Hohola Dietary Survey.

    • J. Whiteman (Public Health Dept.), 'Hohola Dietary Survey, July - August 1962', revised edition, Dec 1963; Ts., roneo, 39pp., plus tables.

    • Together with, L. Hamilton (Dietitian, Dept of Public Health), 'Hanuabada Diet Survey, December 1950', Ts., 2pp.

    1950, 1962-1963


    Hospital Engineer.

    J.W.H. Miller, General Report on Hospital Engineering and Maintenance Service for the Territory, 6 Jan 1951, Ts., 7pp., and cover note.

    6-9 Jan 1951


    South Pacific Commission.

    ‘Research Projects H.2-H.5, Nutrition and Alimentation. Preliminary Report on Research Conducted in New Hebrides by Miss Sheila Malcolm, Nutritionist, March-May, 1951’, Noumea, Aug 1951; Ts., 29pp.

    Aug 1951


    South Pacific Commission.

    ‘Research Projects H.2-H.5, Researches into Nutrition and Alimentation. Report on investigations carried out by Miss S. Malcolm in 1950, prepared from the preliminary reports by Dr E.L. Massal’, Noumea, Nov 1951; Ts., 70pp.

    Nov 1951


    Nutrition General.

    • Minutes of a preliminary committee meeting of the Nutrition Council, 12 Apr 1951, Ts., 3pp.;

    • Correspondence from Ian Downs and others regarding the Nutrition Council, 1951; Ms., 1p. and Ts., 3pp.

    • Eben H. Hipsley (Nutrition Services, Cmth Dept of Health), 'Nutrition- The Care and Feeding of New Guinea Infants', Lectures 1 & 2, No.1 Education Course, School of Pacific Administration; Ts., roneo, 11pp.

    and the following papers from the Sixth Waigani Seminar:

    • K. Vernon Bailey, 'Food and Nutrition Policies for Melanesia'; Ts., roneo, 9pp.;

    • Malcolm N. Lovegrove, 'Diet, disease and education: A review'; Ts., roneo, 14pp.;

    • Eben H. Hipsley, 'Some perspectives on food and nutrition of Melanesian people'; Ts., roneo, 16pp.



    South Pacific Commission.

    • Donald McElwain (University of Queensland, Dept of Psychology) to J.T. Gunther, re the Sinclair Report, 19 Dec 1957; Ts., 4pp.

    • Extract from Douglas H.K. Lee (Prof Psychology, Qld Uni) 'Human Climatology & Tropical Settlement', John Thomson Lecture 1946; Ts., roneo, 4pp., with

    • D.H.K. Lee, 'Tropical Climates and the Airman', Jun 1945; Ts., roneo, 11pp.

    • Arthur T. Porter, 'University College, Nairobi, and Rural Development: The Kericho Follow-up', Mar 1969; Ts., roneo, 7pp.

    • Population - Mortlock Islands, 1925-1962; Ts., 2pp.

    • A.G. Lowndes (Aust Instit of Political Science), Letter to the Editor, SMH, n.d. [1969?], opposed to early independence in PNG.

    • R. MacLennan et al., 'Immunization Against Neonatal Tetanus in New Guinea', Bulletin World Health Org, 32, pp.683-97, 1965.

    • Hugh Ward, 'Infectious Disease in the Western Highlands of New Guinea', Oceania, 28:3, Mar 1958.

    • "The 'Intelligence' of the Indigenes of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea", n.d.; Ts., roneo, 10pp.

    • C. Haszler (Medical Society of PNG), 'Equal Salaries for Male and Female Medical Officers', 1 Mar 1966; Ts., 2pp.

    3 Dec 1951- 19 Dec 1957

    JG/17, cont.

    • Ian Downs to John Gunther, n.d., general report on matters in the Public Health Dept.; Ms., 2pp.

    • Circular response to applicants for appointment as Medical Officer in the Public Service of PNG with statement setting out salary and general conditions, 30 Sep 1949; Ts., 3pp.

    • Letter from Charles Haszler and others at Bonegilla, 18 Sep 1949, inquiring about employment in New Guinea for immigrant doctors with foreign diplomas; Ms. 1p.

    • Mrs Jean Scott, Epping, to Dr Gunther, 28 Sep 1949, re chances of work for European doctors; Ms., 2pp.

    Statement of officers and /or employees employed in the Dept of Public Health from 1st July 1949; Ts., 6pp.



    • TPNG, Health Education Council, Survey of Traditional Beliefs and Attitudes in Health and Allied Matters, Port Moresby, Mar 1960; 8pp., with roneoed circular.

    • Corresp. from J. Whiteman, 10 Nov 1967, on UNICF projects, with

    • G.S. Belshaw, 'Notes on Diet, Income and Food Preferences in Hanuabada', 7 Feb 1951 and reply, Ts., carbon, 5pp., and other papers on nutrition, including ‘Diets which can be obtained by Natives at Hanuabada’; Ts., 3pp.

    • Health Education Survey results, 1962; Ts., c.20pp.

    • Notes on Sorcery, n.d.; Ts., pp.2-4.


    Reel 2

    JG 19

    Goiter etc.

    • F.W. Clements, ‘The Problem of Endemic Goitre’, n.d., Ts., carbon, 10pp.

    • P. Nihikou (?), District Medical Officer, Central Highlands District, ‘Observations on the disease picture of the Central Highlands District over a period of nine months’, 15 Apr 1951, Ts., 4pp.

    • Published medical reports on Goitre in PNG.



    Medical Education – various.

    • Notes (by Gunther?) on the medical history of PNG, under the following headings: mental health, medical research, native labour, other services and activities, division of medical services, venereal disease, depopulation of New Ireland, small pox, plague, cholera, yellow fever and other fevers, tuberculosis, leprosy, goitre, kuru; n.d., Ms., c.12pp.

    • Further notes on tracing the medical services of Papua and New Guinea, n.d., Ms., c.12pp.

    • Further notes on malaria control in PNG, n.d., Ms., 11pp.

    • Jaroslav Soczynski, Government Dentist, Rabaul, to Gunther re private practice in Rabaul, 12 Mar 1952, Ts., 1p.

    • WHO, Division of Education and Training, ‘Planning of the Medical School in a Developing Country’, 1963; Ts., 14pp.

    • John Lawson, ‘Medical Education in Papua/New Guinea (with special reference to the teaching and practice of Obstetrics’, Commonwealth Foundation Occasional Paper No.2, 1968; 25pp.

    • D.M. Cleland, Administrator, memo for Secretary, Dept of Territories, re Laloki Mental Hospital, 18 Aug 1964, Ts., 3pp. Ditto, 3 Nov, 2pp.


    JG/19 cont.

    • D.M. Cleland, Administrator, memo for Secretary, Dept of Territories, re Anti Malarial Programme, 11 Nov 1964, Ts., 2pp.

    • Notes for a chronology of medical history in PNG, 1907-1941, n.d., Ms., c.7pp.

    • “Special health Projects: Depopulation in New Ireland’, n.d., Ts., 1p.

    • D. Denoon to Gunther, 8 Oct 1982, Ts., 2pp.

    • Stan Christian to Gunther, 23 Mar 1979; Ts., 2pp.

    • C.R.B. Blackburn, ‘Medicine in New Guinea: three and a half centuries of change’, Postgraduate Medical Journal, 46, Apr 1970, pp.250-256.

    D. Shaw (ed.), Papua New Guinea Scientific Society: 25 years commemorative brochure, Konedobu, DASF, Nov 1974; 28pp.


    Medical Education – various. Continued from Reel 3.


    World Health Organisation, Fellowship.

    • 14-1-6. WHO – Health Education, including fellowships and visits of Health Educators, Dr. Keyes & Dr Dy, 29 Jun 1953-11 Nov 1958, Ts., ff.1-110;

    • E/30-12. Education. World Health Organisation. Fellowship, Jul 1953-Sep 1958, Ts., ff.1-138. Includes report and essays by Fellowship holder, Barbara A. McLachlan, and her report on health education seminar, Canberra, 11-21 Jan 1955.

    19 Jul 1953-13 Oct 1958


    Approved Contributory Medical Benefit Scheme.

    • T.R. Cox, 'Contributory Medical Benefit Scheme Papua and New Guinea'; Ts., roneo, 15pp. [2 copies.]

    15 Sep 1954


    ‘Medical Training Plan for Papua and New Guinea", by Dr J. Gunther, August 1956; Ts., 81pp. Together with Ms., notes, 4pp.

    Aug 1956


    University and Letters.

    • Correspondence; Gunther to Hasluck or Lambert, 24 May 1954, Ts., 4pp.; Gunther to Hasluck, 11 Sep 1963, Ts., 7pp.

    • Forum: "Papua & New Guinea", 6 Mar 1966; Ms., 6pp.

    • Terms of reference for investigation and report to Min for Territories re overspending, n.d.(1967), Ts., 1p.

    • UPNG, Faculty of Medicine, ‘Submissions for recurrent and capital expenditure 1969-1974’, Feb 1969, Ts., roneo, c.40pp.



    1950s Health Letters.

    • Correspondence on hospital construction and other matters, some incomplete, 1949-1956.

    • Together with correspondence between J.T. Gunther, D. Denoon, R.J. Sturt, D.G Woodfield, E.J. Morton, B.G. Burton-Bradley, and Ian Maddock, re history of medicine in PNG, psychiatry and other matters, 1972-1974.

    • Agreement re withdrawal of statements made in publication on medical research in pre-independence PNG, 1982.



    File 32-35, Part II. Investigation - Sir MacFarlane Burnett, Dr Anderson, “Kuru” Okapa District. (Closed).

    • Top numbered folios, 15-22, Apr-Sep 1958, including letters from Roy Scragg, together with un-folioed correspondence, 1958-1961;

    • Annotated extract from Gajdusek, “Melanesian Journal. Expeditions in West and East New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, Fiji and New Caledonia, Feb 22 1963 to July 23 1963”, Bethesda, Sep 1963; Ts., p/c, 4pp.


    JG/26 cont.

    • Gajdusek and Alpers, “Bibliography of Kuru”, Bethesda, Jul 1968. Ts., roneo, 79pp.

    • Gunther, “Australia, Kuru and the Nobel Prize: a draft of a paper”, Ts., p/c, 46pp., plus notes.

    • A review by Sir John Gunther of “Kuru Early Letters and Field-Notes from the Collection of D. Carleton Gajdusek”, Raven Press, New York, 1981; Ms., 3pp & Ts, 2pp., annotated.

    • H. Nelson to Gunther re the above review, 6 Jul 1981, Ts., 2pp.


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