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Methodology of Planning an Integrated Health Programme for Rural Areas. Second Report of the Expert Committee on Public Health Administration, WHO Technical Report Series No.83, Geneva, WHO, Jun 1954; 46pp. Not microfilmed.


Expert Committee on Professional and Technical Education of Medical and Auxiliary Personnel, Third Report, WHO Technical Report Series No.109, Geneva, WHO, May 1956; 19pp. Not microfilmed.


Expert Committee on Training of Health Personnel in Health Education of the Public, WHO Technical Report Series No.156, Geneva, WHO, 1958; 40pp. Not microfilmed.


The Teaching of the Basic Sciences in the Light of Modern Medicine, WHO Technical Report Series No.209, Geneva, WHO, 1961; 31pp. Not microfilmed.


Internationally Acceptable Minimum Standards of Medical Education. Report of a Study Group, WHO Technical Report Series No.239, Geneva, WHO, 1962; 59pp. Not microfilmed.


Malaria Control in Countries Where Time-Limited Eradication is Impracticable at Present. Report of a WHO Interregional Conference. WHO Technical Report Series No.537, Geneva, WHO, 1974; 66pp. Not microfilmed.


Robert H. Black, Malaria Control and Research in Netherlands New Guinea, SPC Technical Paper No.80, Mar 1955; 16pp. Not microfilmed.


Robert H. Black, Malaria in the South-West Pacific, SPC Technical Paper No.81, Mar 1955; 56pp. Not microfilmed.


Paula Brown, ‘From Anarchy to Satrapy’, American Anthropologist, 65:1, Feb 1963; 15pp. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, The Psychiatric Examination of the Papua New Guinea Indigene, Folk Psychiatry of Certain Villages in the Central District of Papua (with Charles Julius), and Culture and Mental Disorder, SPC Technical Paper No.146, Mar 1965; 30pp. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, Some Aspects of South Pacific Ethnopsychiatry, SPC Technical Paper No.156, 1967; 38pp. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, ‘Social Change and Psychosomatic Response in Papua New Guinea’, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 23:1-6, 1974, pp.229-239. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, ‘Human Sacrifice for Cargo’, Medical Journal of Australia, 16 Sep 1972, pp.68-670. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, ‘The Amok Runner in Cross-Cultural Perspective’, Indian J. Psychiatry, 14, 1972, pp.299-305. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, ‘The Psychiatry of Cargo Cult’, Med. J. Aust, 25 Aug 1973, pp.388-392. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, Psychiatry and the Law in the Developing Country with special reference to Papua New Guinea, Noumea, SPC, reprinted Aug 1973, 64pp. Not microfilmed.


B.G. Burton-Bradley, Some Aspects of South Pacific Ethnopsychiatry with special reference to Papua New Guinea, Noumea, SPC, reprinted Oct 1973, 36pp. Not microfilmed.


G.N. Conly, The Impact of Malaria on Economic Development: a Case Study, Scientific Publication No.297, Pan American Health Organisation, Regional Office of the WHO, 1975; 117pp. Not microfilmed.


WHO Chronicle, 30:12, Dec 1976, including A. Noguer et al., ‘The Malaria Situation in 1975’. Not microfilmed.

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