Outside the Walls An Attack on Titan Fan Fiction

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Outside the Walls - An Attack on Titan Fan Fiction

Boom. Terry’s eyes flicked open. Boom. It sounded around the 20 metre class, but it could have been an abnormal. It was hard to be completely sure judging by ear. If his time outside the walls had taught him anything, it was not to make assumptions. He moved quietly from the makeshift grass pallet to his bung up front door just in time to hear a third boom, and to see one of the colossal pines start to fall through a gap in the thatched shelter that he’d proudly made himself. Time seemed to expand as the giant tree gave way to the damage the titan had inflicted, and lost the battle to stay upright. The crash it made on impact with the loamy soil reverberated through the forest.

Terry’s mechanical arm whirred to life as he pulled the activation cord. He grabbed his Omni-Directional Movement Gear from its hook on the wall next to his oil lamp. He fastened the buckles and its supple leather moulded comfortably to his form.

“Fuck it.”
He fired the cables into his ceiling, shook the remainder of sleep out of his head, and launched through the roof into the early morning air. The titan was only a 10 metre class, but by god it was fat. Its body jiggled as it shoved its face into Terry’s hut, searching for him. Steam rose from the remains of the hut as Terry plummeted towards the creature’s neck, his blue eyes glinting with bloodlust in the pale morning light.

Wind rushed up to meet him, blowing the hair around his head into an iridescent halo of golf. The combination of his dead straight blades and the pale light transformed his handsome features into the mask of a grim angel of death. With a practised twist, steel slide on steel then sliced through skin, muscle and sinew. A large wedge of flesh fell out of the titan’s nape. Terry rode the beast back to the ground, slid off its head and through what remained of his front door.

Eh, ill fix it tomorrow,” He muttered.
He sighed, glancing around at the ruins of his hut. He collapsed onto his still intact bed and slept through the day and deep into that night.

Download 15.45 Kb.

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