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Podium, Platform Behavior

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Podium, Platform Behavior

Professor Ron Stallworth did not use the podium as a platform. He confidently moved throughout the width of the front of the room. During the audience, maintaining a professional confident eye contact. His voice was clearly heard at the back of the room. Speaking with the mechanical assist of a hand held microphone, no nervous gestures were heard and none were detected in stuttering of word pronunciations’.

Eye Contact

Eye contact was maintained throughout the roadmap Professor Ron Stallworth graciously spoke of the absolute life threatening danger. Expressing with hand, arm gestures, facial expressions, and his voice variation’s to compliment the serious past physical danger. Eye contact was relaxed, he walked with expressing hands arm movement constantly never at the Podieum.He graciously worked the audience, into visually seeing the K.K.K in the room.

The absolute visual shock, of the K.K.K. member's faces upon the final meeting of Ron Stallworth was worth a million dollars. Those members of the K.K.K. detained by the police for illegal activity were in total shock that the organization was infiltrated by a Blackman. Ron Stallworth as an undercover Police Officer stepped out of a police vehicle, hugged the K.K.K., was temporary threatened as he hugged the members. H e explained to the K.K.K. members that if he as a police officer is assaulted threatened, along prison sentence would be the result.

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