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Roadmap is Opened

He created a false identity for himself, through the cooperation, of many syncanized false documents. His visual presentation consisted of the duplicate copy of the 1979, state of Colorado Driver License, and the duplicate certified Klu-Klux-Klan membership. This was authorized with safety in mind from the Law Enforcement supervisors. He assumed the identity of a raciest white man then stating he hated, inferior races, even though in actuality he is a Black man. He worked daily with a Caucasian undercover officer Mr. Chuck, a fit enhancer to provide a cover identity to a additional officer actual identity. This second officer was not physically introduced that would appear at any meetings as a double for him at all personal meetings dealing in presenting that he was in fact a Whiteman ,that 'Hated Niggers"direct quote from Professor Ron Stallworth.


The undercover Police work that was performed in 1979 and still today 0n many undercover Police operations is highly dangerous.

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