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In conclusion

In conclusion calm ability to keep eye contact on a one on one basis, letting the listener feel the direction of hate is a color of red. Deception of heart is what the K.K.K today still force hatred upon different ethnic people. Blind is not acceptable to treat neither different races nor ethnic persons with disgust and intimidation is no longer an arm to allow to exist in our modern society. The liberty of life was at danger if the K.K.K would create any terrorist atmosphere. David Duke was transferred to the European K.K.K Organization, and Under Cover Law Enforcement Officer was transferred reassigned. Safety was the key element for the law enforcement. Compassion to protect against illegal Raciest influence, contributed to the series of investigations conducted in 1979 by Law Enforcement Police Detective Ron Stallworth.

Dedication to submit to creating a false identity, by law Enforcement Agencies to apprehend illegal organized crime, across interstate borders. The extreme dedication Professor Ron Stallworth preformed to prevent a series of terrorist, espionage, illegal weapons, cross burning actions, of illegal Internet, including illegal drug trafficking. As a Under Cover Law Enforcement Officer, in the state of Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1979. The Colorado Police Officer Ron Stallworth, as Public Servant retired with Dignity and pride, respect as a public servant.

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