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Thesis repeated

The Dedication to civil duty as a police Officer performing hazardous detailed undercover Police action undertook by Colorado Springs Colorado Police Detective Ron Stallworth.


The message was straight forward not hidden in soft language, the absolute threat of life, the hatred of Racism. Daily intimidations, beatings, sexual assaults against different ethnic persons disgusting criminal acts the K.K.K. projected on society in 1979. Has a strong Racist history ,all the way back to 1870's and still is strong today in 2013.The expressive dedication to risk life was expressed in verbal and hand ,body language by Professor Ron Stallworth throughout this eye catching speech. He also presented in detail the newspaper articles to reinforce the documents of the undercover operaration that was conducted in 1979.

His investigation did head off a number of cross-burnings. Two United States Army soldiers were transferred out of the state of Colorado who was moon lighting as Klan’s men. Professor Stallworth provided confidence in his discussion injecting humor to break any nervousness kept moving with continual verbal satire so not to create a blank spot in his confidence. Calm is a word I would use to express the entrance and composure of the story line.

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