Outside Field: British Empire, 1763-Decolonization

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Outside Field: British Empire, 1763-Decolonization (Phil Harling)
Ballantyne, Tony and Antoinette Burton. Bodies in Contact

Bayly, C.A. Imperial Meridian

Beloff, Max. Imperial Sunset

Cain, P.J. and A.G. Hopkins. British Imperialism

Campbell, Chloe. Race and Empire

Cannadine, David. Ornamentalism

Davis, Mike. Late Victorian Holocausts

Dumett, Raymond, ed. Gentlemanly Capitalism and British Imperialism

Elkin, Caroline. Britain’s Gulag

Enloe, Cynthia. Bananas, Beaches, and Bases

Ferguson, Niall. Empire

Hall, Catherine and Sonya O. Rose. At Home with the Empire

Hall, Catherine. Civilising Subjects

Hoffenberg, Peter. An Empire on Display

Hyam, Ronald. Britain’s Imperial Century

Lake, Marilyn and Henry Reynolds. Drawing the Global Colour Line

Levine, Phillipa. Gender and Empire

Levine, Phillipa. Prostitution, Race, and Politics

Levine, Phillipa. The British Empire

Mackenzie, John, ed. Imperialism and Popular Culture

Metcalf, Thomas. Ideologies of the Raj

Porter, Bernard. The Absent-Minded Imperialists

Price, Richard. Making Empire

Rose, Jonathan. The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes

Rydell, Robert. All the World’s a Fair

Said, Edward. Orientalism

Schneer, Jonathan. London 1900

Schumpeter, Joseph. Imperialism and Social Class

Sinha, Mrinalini. Colonial Masculinity

Stoler, Ann. Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power

Thompson, Andrew. The Empire Strikes Back

West, Shearer. The Victorians and Race
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