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Dutch Exploration and Settlement

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Dutch Exploration and Settlement 

          1. Dutch shipping controlled most of Europe’s shipping

            1. had 10 thousand ships in 1600

          2. Carriers between France, Spain, England, and the Baltic

          3. 1602 founded the Dutch East India Company

            1. began to displace the Portuguese

            2. Founded Jakarta (Batavia)

          4. Trade with Japan was achieved by 1600

            1. Japan was very isolationist

            2. Expelled all other Europeans

              1. 1612 New Amsterdam

              2. 1621 the Dutch West India Company

              3. 1652 Cape of Good Hope

                1. Afrikaners

    1. The Bank of Amsterdam (1609)

        1. European money was chaotic with kings, cities or private individuals minting their own coins which were often debases with other alloys (uncertain values)

        2. Amsterdam accepted mixed monies, accessed their value and exchanged European currency for gold florins (known and unchanging weight)

        3. Florins became the currency of trade

        4. Amsterdam is the financial center of Europe until 1790s

        5. High Mightinesses a. were delegates from 7 provinces who made up estates general & passed on interests of the provinces

    2. Stadholder – elected representative (executive) of the province (but none for the provinces as a whole)

        1. Most provinces elected the same person head of the house of Orange

        2. Much status but the burghers were running the financial affairs of the country

    3. When the country was threatened the status of the stadholder went up

        1. The stadholder had not be selected for 22 years (since William II died in 1650) as peace prevailed

    4. William III of Orange changes the role of the stadholder

        1. small, stocky, grave, determined

        2. Multilingual- spoke English, French, Dutch, German, Latin and Spanish fluently

        3. Disliked pomp and circumstance, hated flattery

        4. Preferred to focus on the affairs of state

        5. 1677 married Mary Stuart (king of England’s niece)

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