Outlines for “a history of the Modern World” 9th Edition

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Consequences of the war

  1. France is weakened

    1. depopulation

      1. famine

    2. Peasant uprisings are brutally put down

      1. taxes

    3. Aristocratic and parliamentary opposition begin again

    4. Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Hudson Bay territory are British

    5. Retain Alsace and the Franche-Comte’

    6. Influence is strong in Spain

  2. Dutch are strengthened against France

    1. “Dutch Barrier”- a string of forts and garrisons in Belgium are granted

    2. Never play a prominent role in European political affairs

  3. Rulers of Brandenburg and Savoy are elevated to title of King

  4. British

    1. Major presence in the Mediterranean (Gibraltar and Minorca)

    2. Asiento opens the Spanish New World up to British trade (slaves and smuggling)

      1. right to supply Spanish America with African slaves (very lucrative)

    3. Assure Protestant monarchy

      1. Louis ceases to recognize the Stuart pretender as king

  5. Confirmation of the European system

    1. Powers accepted each other as members of the system

    2. Recognized each other as sovereign states

      1. free to negotiate, make war, and treaties

    3. adjusted balance of power through exchange of territories (third party territories?)

  6. Leaves France and England as the two major powers to export Europe to the world

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