Outlines for “a history of the Modern World” 9th Edition

The Development of Absolutism in France

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The Development of Absolutism in France

  1. The Parlements (NOTE the spelling)

  2. Had same feudal liberties as other Europeans

    1. Estates General (not met since 1615), Provincial Estates, (which had some self gov.)

    2. Were about 12 bodies called Parlements

      1. unlike the English Parliament developed as courts of law with each being the supreme court for a certain area

      2. upheld certain fundamental laws which they believe king couldn’t go over

      3. wouldn’t enforce royal edicts they deemed unconstitutional

    3. very diverse (as much as Germany)

      1. 300 customs or regional systems of law

      2. neither coinage nor weights of measure were uniform

iv. But people began to see local medieval liberties as disorderly (all they needed was a push to get absolutism going)

    1. The Fronde

      1. Fronde was a short lived revolution led by elements of parliament and nobility that would lead the 1789 revolution

        1. broke out after Peace of Westphalia (xiv was still a child)

        2. A Rev led by the parlements and nobility

          1. Demanded the right to declare certain edicts unconstitutional

        3. Barricades went up in Paris

        4. Conflict is taken up by nobility challenging for leadership of France and call in troops from Spain

          1. Nobility called for Estates General

            1. Hoped to dominate the bourgeoisie and clergy

        5. unemployed soldiers pillaged and terrorized peasants

          1. if nobles won France would have been like Poland, Russia

        6. Nobles called in Spanish (France’s enemy) troops

        7. Bourgeoisie and the parliaments withdrew their support and the uprising fails

          1. Frondeurs offered no systemic plan for reform; just a power grab

        8. After close call with the nobility the bourgeoisie stayed closer to the King and accepted absolutism

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