Outline: The 60s Counterculture Movement

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Brandi Alfaro

Outline: The 60s Counterculture Movement

Topic: How did aspects of the Hippie Movement during the 1960s leave a mark on American culture during the decade?

Intro: For the introduction, I plan to open up with a background on the Hippies and the foundation of their beliefs and practices to aware the reader of their principles of going against the established government and culture. As well as prominent members of the era, primarily musicians and protesters, to later mention how they were influences to contemporary artists and activists.

Thesis: Although the era died out by the mid 1970s, it left a lasting imprint on American culture and emphasized the pressing facets of their decades; war opposition and psychedelic music.

Focus Point 1: My first point is to explain the resistance of violence in the Hippie philosophy as major aspect of the Hippie Movement (and how it later translated into the greater part of the nation and shaped the minds of people then and now).

  • Opposition of Vietnam War

Focus Point 2: My second point is to indicate and expand on how the counterculture left a lasting impression with their genre of music (how its style was unique and how influential the music and artists were).

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