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Sharecropping Contract from Tennessee (December 27, 1865)

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Sharecropping Contract from Tennessee (December 27, 1865)

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 This Indenture made this 27th day of December 1865 between Balaam Fentress and Levi Chesheir of the one part and Frances Fentress of the other part. Witnesseth-

     That for and in consideration of one third part of what they may be able to make on the Plantation of Fentress heirs, they the said Balaam and Levi bind themselves and their families, the former consisting of Balaam, Fannie, Maria and two children, and Mily and Rachael, the latter of Levi and wife Adelia and three children, to use all due diligence to keep the farm in repair and to work faithfully, using every endeavor to gain a large crop as possible.

     And the said Francis Fentress, of the other part, covenants to agree to furnish said hirelings sufficient care and provide for teams and said Balaam is to have a potato patch of one acre and also a garden, and said Balaam and Levi are to be allowed to raise fouls, Honey and all the vegetables they can in said garden and potato patch. Said Balaam and Levi are to furnish themselves in meat, pay their own Doctors bills and clothe themselves and families. Said Balaam in consideration of faithful attendance on stock is to be allowed one third of all the pork he may raise.

     Said Fentress is to furnish three horses or mules and all the (illegible) gearing and farming utensils, wood & houses in which said Balaam and Levi and families are to live. Said Levi is to be allowed to keep one cow and calf of his own property. Said Frances Fentress is to furnish to Balaam one cow for the use of his family and self.

      This contract is to commence on the 1st day of January 1866 and is concluded (illegible) the 25th day of December 1866. Witness our hands and seals this 27th day of Dec 1865. Francis Fentress {seal}, Balaam (X) Fentress {seal} for self and family, Levi (X) Chesheir {seal} for self and family.

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