Our English Heritage Notes

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Our English Heritage Notes

I. Influences from England’s Early Government

A. Many of the ______________ that American citizens enjoy _____________ can be traced back to __________________

B. England was ruled by a coalition of a ______________ and the

______________ who supported him

C. Following a _________________ in 1215 the nobles forced King John to sign the _____________ _____________; established the principle that _______________ is subject to the __________, even the king, and guarantees the _____________ of individuals, the right to __________________ and the right to a fair trial

D. By the late 1300’s the king’s ______________ formed a _________________ body called the _________________

E. 1688-1689: Parliament replaces the ____________, draws up the ______________ ____________ ____ _____________ and takes prominence in England

F. Bill of Rights protected Parliament’s __________, limited the monarch’s _____________, called for _____________, and provided for a trial by jury

G. In its earliest days England had no _______________ laws, judges based their decisions on _________________

H. What is precedent? Why does it matter?_______________________________

II. Bringing the English Heritage to America

A. Although early colonists had left ______________ they brought with them many of its ______________ and legal ________________

B. _________________ was the first permanent English settlement in _____________ ______________; formed the House of Burgesses to deal with problems like ______________, disease, and _______________

C. Marked the beginning of ______ ______________ in colonial America

D. Pilgrims who were sailing for Plymouth drew up a _____________ plan of government called the _______________ Compact, set up a ______________democracy

III. Early Colonial Governments

A. By 1733, 13 English _______________ stretched from Massachusetts to _________________, each new colony had its own _________________

B. Each colony had a ______________, who was elected or chosen by the king, and each had a ________________

C. As years passed, colonial government took on more _____________ and ________________ while the King and Parliament dealt with issues in England

D. The colonists grew used to making their own _______________, significance?

IV. Colonial Resistance and Rebellion

A. By the mid 1700’s the British government began to _____________ its grip on the _______________

B. Britain adopted the policy of ___________________; country should _________ more goods than it ___________; effect on America?

C. Britain also began ____________ the colonists in order to finance a war against ______________; colonists demanded “no ________________ without _______________”

D. Stamp Act required colonists to use tax _____________ on ___________ products, colonists _____________ and Parliament pulled back

E. 1773: Parliament passes the _________ __________ which gave a ______________ tea company advantages over _______________ merchants

F. In _______________ a group of colonists dumped 342 chests of British __________ into the ______________

G. Parliament responded by passing the Coercive Acts/______________ ______; laws restricted colonists _____________, including trial by jury, and allowed _______________ to search and ____________ in homes

H. Colonial government banded _____________ and in September 1774, 12 of the colonies sent ______________ to Philadelphia

V. Movement Towards Independence

A. First Continental Congress: lasted 7 weeks, sent a document to ____________________ demanding that their ____________ be restored

B. King George responded through ______________, in April 1775 two battles between British soldiers and colonial _____________ took place in ___________

C. After these battles many ______________ began talking about ________________

D. May 1775: Second Continental Congress formed to discuss ________________, little ________________ at first

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