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Other books translated by the author.­

(1), The Book of Knowledge

(2) The Foundations of the Articles of Faith

(3) The Mysteries of Purity

(4) The Mysteries of Almsgiving

Our other publications about Ghazzali:

1. Al-Ghazzali on Divine Predicates and their Properties

2. Some Moral and Religious Teachings of Ghazzali

3. Faith and Practice of Ghazzali

4. The Ethical Philosophy of Al-Ghazzali

5. The Confessions of Al-Ghazzali

6. Ghazzali's Mishkat al-Anwar

7. The Alchemy of Happiness

8. The Mysteries of Worship in Islam

9. The Mysteries of the Human Soul

10. Imam Ghazali's Ihya Ulum-id-Din (4 vols.) by Fazul ul Karitn

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