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The American Revolution


J.Greene, The American Revolution SRC

B.Bailyn, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution SRC

J. Pole, The Foundations of American IndependenceSRC

G.Wood, The Radicalism of the American Revolution

E.Countryman, The American Revolution SRC

Pauline Maier, From Resistance to Revolution

Edmund Morgan, The Birth of the Republic

Pauline Maier, From Resistance to Revolution: Colonial Radicals and the Development of American Opposition to Britain, 1765-1776

Gary B. Nash, The Urban Crucible: Social Change, Political Consciousness, and the Origins of the American Revolution SRC

Gordon Wood, The Creation of the American Republic

James Henretta, Evolution and Revolution

K. Davies, Documents of the American Revolution

Richard Dorson, American Rebels

John Alden, The American Revolution

Richard Brown, Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution

Ray Raphael, A People's History of the American Revolution: How Common People Shaped the Fight for Independence

Joseph J. Ellis, Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

Jay Fliegelman, Prodigals and PilgrimsSRC

Susan Dunn, Sister Revolutions: French Lightning, American Light 

Patrice Higonnet, Sister Republics: The Origins of French and American Republicanism



Joyce Appleby, Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans (2000)

Richard R. Beeman, Stephen Botein, and Edward C. Carter II, ed., Beyond Confederation: Origins of the Constitution and American National Identity (1987)

Ira Berlin [ed], Slavery and Freedom in the era of the American Revolution

Edward Countryman, The American Revolution (1984) useful for considering the implications of revolution for different groups

Colin Calloway, The American Revolution in Indian Country: Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities (1995)

Gregory Evans Dowd, A Spirited Resistance: The North American Indian Struggle for Unity, 1745-1815 (1992)

Sylvia Frey, Water from the Rock: Black Resistance in a Revolutionary Age (1991)

Mary Beth Norton, Liberty's Daughters: The Revolutionary Experience of American Women, 1750-1800 (1980)

Robert Olwell, Masters, Slaves and Subjects: The Culture of Power in South Carolina, 1740-1790

Thomas Paine, Common Sense (1776) - available in Penguin Classics: a crucial argument for American independence, with a vision of a future American society

Gordon S. Wood, The Creation of the American Republic (1969) a magisterial account of the origins of US constitutional government

Gordon S. Wood, The Radicalism of the American Revolution (1992) an argument about the changes the revolution brought about

Lester D. Langley, The Americas in the Age of Revolution, 1750-1850 (1995) gives a broader and longer perspective 

Specialised Books

See the books at shelfmarks, E195-E301 


P. Thomas, 'The Cost of the British Army in North America, 1763-1775' WMQ, 1988

Pauline Maier, 'Popular uprisings and civil authority in 18thC America' WMQ (1970)

Gary Nash, 'The transformation of urban politics, 1700-1765' JAH (1973)

Edward Countryman, 'The problem of the early American crowd' Journal of American Studies (1973)

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