Originally, I set out two different schedules for Edge and Life Teen, but I have combined them I think we have time for this with each group and I think we can do the same with each group. Feedback is welcome, however

That’s Christ reaching out for you – look for Christ in everyone

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That’s Christ reaching out for you – look for Christ in everyone

  • Poverty in its various forms – I will discuss how in this story…

    1. Maybe I was more impoverished spiritually even though

    2. She was impoverished economically

    1. Connecting Justice and Mercy (and Poverty)

      1. I’d like to do a “skit” on the forms of poverty if I can get the Youth Ministers to take on “characters” who represent different forms of poverty through exaggerated behaviors, tones and the way they are speaking to one another in the skit.

        1. The skit would be about “How do you treat people who are on the street asking for money, food or work?” This is not an easy topic because people have safety concerns and often don’t want to give money for fear of how the person will use it.

        2. The point of the skit will be to show that …

          1. There are different types of poverty.

            1. The “Scrooge” character would be what I call “poor in compassion” or lacking in empathy.

            2. The person asking for help is economically poor (the obvious one). However, for the skit, this person should be standing and not rude, but hard to ignore, so that the skit works better.

            3. But those of us who walk by and avoid eye contact or completely ignore the person are also impoverished – we are acting as someone poor in spirit – lacking in mercy.

          2. Ignoring the person and avoiding eye contact can be dehumanizing to the person and, instead we should try to see Christ in everyone we interact with. This doesn’t mean that you have to give the person money. It means that we should act with compassion and mercy.

        3. Use this skit to teach this about compassion and mercy

          1. Give analogy of the friend who never does their homework yet you still need to be compassionate when s/he is upset about their grades or gets in trouble for it.

    1. Break-out segment with Booths

      1. From this point, I will discuss three ways to get more involved over the next year.

        1. Financial support to their Church or various organizations

        2. Donate their time to service work

        3. Advocacy Work

      2. We will let the students go from table to table. I would like to set up the following six booths with information in each of the following areas:

        1. 2 Booths for National Advocacy work

          1. Pax Christi USA

          2. Catholic Charities USA

        2. 2 Booths for Service work

          1. Frederick Rescue Mission

          2. Catholic Volunteer Network (not one location, but a search engine for 100s of locations)

            1. https://www.catholicvolunteernetwork.org/

          3. If you’d rather 2 locations, I suggest the Heartly House, but I think CVN is a really important resource

        3. 2 Booths for International Organizations

          1. CRS

          2. Augustinian Volunteers

    1. Reconvene to discuss Lent before end of evening

      1. How to give up something and give instead –

        1. Examples --

          1. get a small coffee instead of a medium and set aside the extra money for a donation

          2. buy less music each week and set aside the extra money

          3. apply through CVN to give of your time over summer break

        2. Will give handout on “Christ challenge” to hang in locker or at home

      2. “Christ Challenge” handout and read the scriptural references if there is time. If not, it will be like a take-home “assignment”.

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