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Raise the minimum wage to a living wage level

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Raise the minimum wage to a living wage level;

  • Facilitate access to capital and increase the level of federal contract procurement for women-owned businesses; and take measures to combat a corporate culture that perpetuates gender stereotypes;

  • Ensure proper investigations from the Wage and Hour Division within the U.S. Department of Labor. Increase supervision to hold employers who violate the rights of vulnerable women workers to account.

  • Address the legacies of racism and persistent forms of racial discrimination and ethnic disparities in every sphere of life (inequalities in access to education, employment, housing and healthcare);


    1. Increase funding of clinics under the Title X Family Planning Program in order to expand coverage for low-income women who lack insurance in order for them to access preventive care, including sexual and reproductive health services, and in order to reduce maternal mortality;

    2. Prevent politically motivated actions to exclude women’s health providers from federally supported public health programs;

    3. Take additional measures to make contraception available and accessible at no cost, in particular for teenagers with a view to combat teen pregnancy;

    4. Consider reviewing the eligibility requirements to the public welfare system, so that the basic human rights of immigrants, including the undocumented, are guaranteed, in particular access to health for women and children

    5. Address the root causes of increased maternal mortality, in particular among African American women;

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