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3 August 2015

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Human Rights Council

Thirtieth session

Agenda items 3 and 5

Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights,
including the right to development

Human rights bodies and mechanisms

Final report of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee on the possibilities of using sport and the Olympic ideal to promote human rights for all and to strengthen universal respect for them



I. Mandate on promoting human rights through sport and the Olympic ideal 3

II. General outline of the study 3

A. Introduction and objectives 3

B. Legal and social framework 5

C. Instrumental significance of education, training and capacity-building in sport 7

D. Sport and combating all forms of discrimination and racism 7

E. Role of different types of sporting events 8

F. Business, public-private partnerships in human rights and sport 9

G. Incorporating sport to conflict-prevention activities and peacebuilding 10

H. Media, sport and human rights 11

I. Sport and development 12

J. Best practices, national experiences and models to follow 13

K. Challenges – exploring the complexities of using sport to promote human rights,

preventing human rights abuses and detrimental practices related to sport 15

III. Recommendations 18

A. National legislation and executive practice 18

B. Programme support 19

C. Combating discriminatory and other harmful/unfair practices in sport 21

D. Media 21

E. Education 22

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