Organized Crime Disadvantage naudl and mdl 2015-16

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Organized Crime Disadvantage NAUDL and MDL 2015-16

Glossary 2

Organized Crime 1NC Shell 3

Organized Crime 1NC Shell 4

Drug Violence is Decreasing—Peace Prospects are High 6

Drug Violence is Decreasing—Mexico Will Stabilize 8

Drug Violence is Decreasing—Cartel Bosses Have Been Arrested 9

1NC NSA Link—Reducing NSA Surveillance Causes Drug Trafficking 11

NSA Link—Covert NSA Data is Key to Solve Drug Trafficking 13

NSA Link—NSA’s Importance in Solving Drug Trafficking is Underestimated 15

1NC Immigration Link -- Criminal Immigration Surveillance Decreases Drug Violence 17

Immigration Link—Criminal Immigration Surveillance Has a Symbolic Effect 19

Immigration Link—Non-enforcement Emboldens Drug Cartles 20

Immigration Link—Non-enforcement Emboldens Cartels 21

Immigration Link—Routes into the United States 23

1NC War on Drugs Link 25

War on Drugs Link—DEA Surveillance Weakens Drug Cartels 26

War on Drugs Link—Surveillance capture leaders 28

War on Drugs Link—Surveillance reveals cartel plans 29

1NC Surveillance Bad Link—Surveillance is the key tool to solve Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking 30

Surveillance Bad Link—Police rely on surveillance 32

Surveillance Bad Link— Technology innovation 33

Drug Violence—Causes Poverty 35

Drug Violence—Causes Poverty Extensions 36

Drug Violence—Causes Gender Violence 37

Drug Violence—Causes Sex and Human Trafficking 39

Drug Violence—Causes Sex and Human Trafficking 41

Drug Violence—Causes Sex and Human Trafficking Extensions 42

Drug Violence—Causes Violence in Black Communities 43

Drug Violence—Causes Violence in Black Communities Extension 44

Answers To: Cartel Caused Racial Violence is Only in Chicago 45

Drug Violence—Causes Economic Slowdown 46

Drug Violence—Causes Economic Slowdown 47

Economic Slowdown hurts everyone 48

Answers To: Other Countries Can Replace US Surveillance 50

Answers To: Other Agencies Fill In for NSA 51

Answers To: NSA is an Ineffective Agency 52

Answers To: All Immigration Surveillance Is Unjust/Evil 54

Answers To: No Illegal Immigrants are linked to Drug Cartels 55

Answers To: Immigration Surveillance Isn’t Effective 57

Answers To: War on Drugs Is a Failure 58

Answers To: Drug Cartels Help the Mexican Economy 59

Uniqueness—Drug Violence Is Increasing Because of Current Strategies 61

Uniqueness—Drug Violence Is Increasing In an Unprecedented Fashion 63

Surveillance Fails To Solve Organized Crime 64

Surveillance Fails To Solve Organized Crime—It is Politically and Economically Motivated 65

NSA Surveillance Fails – Because It Is Sloppy and Costly 66

NSA Surveillance Fails – Because It Results in Too Much Data 67

Illegal Immigration Surveillance Fails – There is No Relationship Between Illegal Immigrants and Drug Trafficking 69

Illegal Immigration Surveillance Fails—American Traffickers Are Worse 71

War on Drugs—Surveillance has Not Stopped the Drug Trade 73

War on Drugs Fails—International Studies Prove 75

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Violence 76

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Poverty 78

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Economic Slowdown 80

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Economic Slowdown 81

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Gender Violence 82

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Sex and Human Trafficking 84

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Sex and Human Trafficking 85

Answers to: Drug Cartels Cause Violence in Black Communities 87


Cartel—an organization created to regulate the supply of a good

Drug Cartel—a criminal organization that primarily participates in illegal drug markets but may also engage in human smuggling, kidnapping, oil theft and other crimes. Examples include Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel

Trafficking—the illegal trade of something

Drug trafficking—The illegal trade of drugs

Hegemony—political, economic, and or military dominance

Oil Shock –a fast and significant change in the oil market

Homicide – killing of one person by another

Drug War/War on Drugs – the term referring to a set of strategies Mexico and the United States currently use to fight drug cartels. These strategies tend to be militaristic, including military aid and the capture of cartel members

Enrique Peña Nieto—the current President of Mexico

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) – the US agency tasked with solving drug trafficking

Counter-Narcotics—measures used to combat drug trafficking

Border Patrol – the Department of Homeland Security agency that attempts to prevent the entry of undocumented immigrants and other persons on the border

Force Multiplier – something that significantly increases the potential of an action or policy

RGV – the Rio Grande Valley, an area monitored by the Border Patrol

Insurgency—violent rebellion against government authority

Transnational – in more than one country

ISIS surveillance – in this file, ISIS surveillance refers to a surveillance system, not the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

ICE – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement , a federal agency tasked with immigration policy

SOD – Special Operations Division , a part of the Drug Enforcement Agency that does covert information gathering primarily surrounding drug trafficking

Kingpin – the leader of a crime organization

Database—a collection of information for a particular purpose

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