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The Formal And Informal Organization

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The Formal And Informal Organization
29. The beliefs and assumptions about people, work, and the organization best reflects the:

A. formal organization

B. overt part of an organization

C. informal organization

D. social surface

ANSWER: C, easy, K&C, pg. 10

30. All of the following are aspects of the formal organization except:

A. job descriptions

B. the friendship/relationship between two employees

C. the hierarchical superior-subordinate authority relationship

D. the workflow sequence between two departments

ANSWER: B, easy, synthesis & evaluation, pg. 10

31. The Hawthorne Studies uncovered the importance of:

A. the workflow and scheduling of work for production efficiency

B. delegating authority downward and throughout the organization

C. the informal organization and its impact on productivity

D. viewing an organization as clockwork

ANSWER: C, medium, K&C, pg. 11

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