Organizational behavior in changing times multiple choice human behavior in organizations

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20. The specific setting within which organizational behavior is enacted would be called the:

A. situation

B. external environment

C. organizational context

D. group

ANSWER: C, easy, K&C, pg. 8

Organizations as Open Systems
21. Which of the following is not an internal component of a work organization?

A. structure

B. task

C. technology

D. product market

ANSWER: D, easy, K&C, pg. 9

22. The task of an organization is reflected in its:

A. human resources

B. mission or purpose

C. input materials

D. structure

ANSWER: B, medium, K&C, pg. 9

23. In an open system the transformation or conversion of inputs to outputs is accomplished with:

A. technology

B. task structure

C. borrowed financial resources

D. robots

ANSWER: A, medium, K&C, pg. 9

24. The core technology of a university is its:

A. student brain power

B. library, laboratories, classrooms, and computer equipment

C. registration and billing systems

D. athletic programs

ANSWER: B, medium, appl., pg. 9

25. A federal regulatory agency can be considered part of an organization's:

A. formal structure

B. labor market

C. external task environment

D. transformation technology

ANSWER: C, medium, appl., pg. 9

26. The use of a wide range of tools, knowledge, and/or techniques used to transform inputs into outputs is called:

A. task environment

B. structure

C. the mission

D. the technology

ANSWER: D, medium, K&C, pg. 9

27. An organization’s suppliers, customers, and federal regulators is called the:

A. task environment

B. market

C. political economy

D. general environment

ANSWER: A, medium, K&C, pg. 10

28. The human, informational, material, and financial resources of an organization system would be considered:

A. inputs

B. throughputs

C. the transformation

D. outputs

ANSWER: A, medium, K&C, pg. 10

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