Organizational behavior in changing times multiple choice human behavior in organizations

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Objective Knowledge
44. A questioning, probing attitude is at the core of:

A. job performance

B. organizational reality

C. critical thinking

D. subjective knowledge

ANSWER: C, hard, synthesis & evaluation, pg. 22

45. Objective knowledge, in any field of study, is developed through:

A. experience

B. past practices and training

C. a review of the relevant literature

D. basic and applied research

ANSWER: D, medium, K&C, pg. 22

Skill Development
46. Acquisition of objective knowledge and skill development can occur interactively through:

A. rote memorization

B. experiential learning

C. reading

D. imitating the successful behavior of others

ANSWER: B, medium, K&C, pg. 22

47. As an effective learner of organizational behavior knowledge and skills, the student:

A. must rely primarily on the group process

B. should not experiment with new ideas and information

C. must passively accept the direction of others with more knowledge

D. must accept responsibility for his or her own behavior, actions, and learning

ANSWER: D, hard, appl., pg. 23

48. Which of the following set of functional skills have been identified by the U.S. Department of Labor as necessary for success in today's workplace?

A. resource management, information management, and personal interaction skills

B. personal interaction, critical thinking, and conflict management

C. system behavior and performance, resource management, and critical thinking skills

D. critical thinking, conflict management, and information management skills

ANSWER: A, hard, K&C, pg. 22

49. Developing skills is different from acquiring objective knowledge because it requires:

A. empirical testing

B. induction

C. deduction

D. structured practice and feedback

ANSWER: D, medium, analysis, pg. 22

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