Organisational values and its significants on employee commitment- a conceptual framework

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S.JailapDeen1 and Dr.P.Amuthalakshmi2

Well motivated and committed employees with high levels of job involvement are considered to be the most important asset for any organization which serves as key to quality and productivity improvements. There are many techniques followed by different organisation to enhance the employee commitment through “Perceived Organizational Values”. This paper endeavor’s to analyze the notion of organizational commitment, to find out its strengths and opportunities in organizational values and to determine the forces involved upon it.
1. Introduction to organisational values
“Values influence every aspect of our lives: our moral judgments, our responses to others, our commitments to personal and organizational goals.  Values set the parameters for the hundreds of decisions we make every day.” - (Barry Z Posner, James M Kouzes and Warren H Schmidt - 1985). Organizational values are principles that guide an organizations thinking and actions in terms of dimensions like Humanity, Vision, and Bottom-Line values. When organizational values “spirit’ in the workplace is enticing, it will help organizations achieve their full potential by encouraging those with similar values to come to work each day.
Beliefs, morals, principles and ethics are all words often used to describe values. When considering organizational values these same words are often found in management literature, but the list is extended to include words like commitments, promises and pledges. Ravasi and Schultz (2006) define ‘Organizational value as a set of shared mental assumptions that guide interpretation and action in organizations by defining appropriate behavior for various situations’. Gouillart and Kelly (1995) defineValues and beliefs guide the decision of corporate life. It is the leader’s task to ensure that they are aligned and consistent, rather than mixed and contradictory”.
2. Values and THEIR significance
Any organisation which espouses particular values would underpin their Vision (M. Rokeach - 1973).

  • To provide a framework for how one treat another at work.

  • To provide a framework for how one treat their customers.

  • To provide a framework for achieving the vision and increasing the effectiveness of the organisation.

  • To create an environment conducive to job satisfaction as well as finding work, which is exciting and challenging.

2.1. Results of Shared Organizational Values

Diagram 1.Embedding Organizational Values – (D M Rousseau - 1990)

Diagram.1 elucidates shared organizational values manifests as employee commitment, organizational effectiveness and organizational development.


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