Ordinary people

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Berger and Conrad
INT. Berger’s office

Berger: Good. You're here.

Conrad: Something happened.
Berger: Just a minute. (Opens the door)Wait till we get inside. There. Shit. You'd think they'd assume there'd be emergencies. Don't take it off. Just sit down.

Conrad: Something happened.

Berger: What?
Conrad: It's...

Berger: It's what?

Conrad: Oh. God! I need something.

Berger: What?

Conrad: It keeps coming. I can't stop it!

Berger: Don't try.

Conrad: Got to get off the hook.
Berger: For what?

Conrad: What I did to him!

Berger: What?

Conrad: It must be somebody's fault...or there's no point!

Berger: What point? It happened!

Conrad: Oh. No. I don't mean that. It's just that... Bucky. I didn't mean it. Bucky, I didn't mean it. Bucky!

Berger: It wasn't your fault.

Conrad: You said. "Get the sail down!" I couldn't! It jammed! And then the halyard jammed! Because the goddamned halyard jammed! Then you're sittin' here screwing around! Until it's too late! And I'm supposed to take care of it!

Berger: That wasn't fair.

Conrad: No! And then you say. "Hang on! Hang on!" Then you let go! Why'd you let go?

Berger: I got tired!

Conrad: Yeah? Well. Screw you. You jerk!

Berger: It hurts to be mad at him.

Conrad: Yeah. He just wasn't careful. He didn't see how a bad thing might happen.

Berger: Bad things happen even when people are careful.

Conrad: We should've come in when it started to look bad.
Berger: So you made a mistake.
Conrad: Why did he let go? Why?
Berger: Maybe you were stronger. Did that ever occur to you? How long will you punish yourself? When will you quit?
Conrad: I'd like to quit.
Berger: Why don't you?

Conrad: It's not that easy. It’s not that easy God...I loved him.

Berger: I know. What happened? You said something happened. What started all this?
Conrad: Karen. She killed herself. I just found out she's dead.
Berger: Jesus.
Conrad: She was fine. She was ok.
Berger: No. She wasn't.
Conrad: She was…she was. She told me! She said she was...
Berger: What?
Conrad: She was busy and feeling good and...
Berger: What? What?

Conrad: If I'd known...I could've done something.

Berger: You're taking her on. Too?
Conrad: No!
Berger: No?
Conrad: No. I just...
Berger: What?
Conrad: That isn't it. I feel really bad about this. Just let me feel bad about this!
Berger: Okay. Listen. I feel bad about it too.
Conrad: Why do things happen to people? It isn't fair.
Berger: You're right. It isn't fair.
Conrad: You just do one wrong thing and...
Berger: Um-hmm. And what was the one wrong thing you did? You know. You know.
Conrad: I hung on. I stayed with the boat.

Berger: Exactly. Now you can live with that. Can't you?

Conrad: I'm scared! I'm scared.

Berger: Feelings are scary. And sometimes they're painful. If you can't feel pain...you won't feel anything else either. You know what I'm saying?

Conrad: I think so.
Berger: You're here. You're alive. Don't say you don't feel that.
Conrad: It doesn't feel good.
Berger: It is good. Believe me.
Conrad: How do you know?
Berger: Because I'm your friend.
Conrad: I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't been here. You're really my friend?

Berger: I am. Count on it.

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