Option L rome: Agrippina the Younger

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Part III: Personality

Option L Rome: Agrippina the Younger

Principal Focus: Students gain an understanding of Agrippina the Younger in the context of her time.
Students learn about:

1 Historical context

geography, topography and resources of Rome and the Roman Empire

– overview of Roman social and political structures; principate

– role of imperial women in Roman society

2 Background and rise to prominence

family background and status

– early life, ambitions and marriages
3 Career

– basis of her power and influence; patronage

– role during the reign of Gaius (Caligula), including exile

– role during the reign of Claudius

– role and changing relationship with Nero during his reign

– relationships with other members of the imperial court: Seneca, Burrus and imperial freedmen

– impact of her personality on career: public image

– attempts on her life

– death: motives, manner and impact of death
4 Evaluation

– impact and influence on her time

– assessment of her life and career

– legacy

– ancient and modern images and interpretations of Agrippina the Younger.

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