Opportunity to take part in Times Medical Technology Supplement

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Opportunity to take part in Times Medical Technology Supplement
On Thursday, 4 February, Raconteur Media will publish a 16 page special report on Medical Technology in The Times newspaper, with a print run of 710,000 copies and a readership of 1.8 million people. This in-depth publication will offer an ideal communication platform, targeting the affluent and intelligent readership of The Times for healthcare professionals across a multitude of sectors.
This report will build upon a series of recent healthcare publications by Raconteur Media and provide an accurate and indispensable guide, which explores whether medical technology has a positive social and economic impact. Raconteur Media will raise awareness about the fundamental impact of technological advancements in the healthcare sector and, most importantly, highlight what market opportunities exist to address this challenge.
 From hospital wide cellular networks, providing continuous reliable monitoring of patients, to personal medical devices used in the home, wireless connectivity provides benefits to patients and medical professionals. In order to encourage the penetration of technological advances into the NHS in this economic climate, it is necessary for healthcare IT specialists to ensure they effectively communicate the benefit of these technological advances. The implementation of technology in the healthcare sector will significantly reduce costs; in turn provide better quality of care for patients.
This is a fantastic opportunity to raise the platform of your organisation, in turn creating more awareness of the innovative technology available in the market for healthcare professionals to invest in. Anyone who would like more information about the supplement should contact Puja Kamdar  On 44(0)207 033 21 00  or e-mail pkamdar@raconteurmedia.co.uk

Download 25.5 Kb.

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