Open-ended Study Guide Questions

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Open-ended Study Guide Questions

  1. Which of these groups gained territory in North America as a result of the French and

Indian War? Why?
2) What were some of the results of the F & I War? (i.e. Proc. Of 1763, Nat. Ams. liked it,

King did it to keep colonists under control, etc.)
3) Why did the colonists consider the Proclamation of 1763 an act of tyranny?
4) Why did the British pass the many “acts” to increase their control on the colonies?

- Sugar Act - Tea Act

- Quartering Act - Intolerable Acts

- Stamp Act - Quebec Act

- Declatory Act - **mercantilism

- Townshend Acts

5) Why did the Stamp Act cause more resistance among ordinary people in the

colonies than did the Sugar Act? (Ex: What did they hate most about this tax? We

discussed this during the debate.)
6) The name “Boston Massacre” was given to the events of March 5, 1770 because…
7) Why and how were women so important to boycotting British goods after the Townshend

Acts were imposed?

8) What was the significance of the Boston Tea Party? What was Great Britain’s response?
9) What were the goals and decisions of the First Continental Congress?
10) Describe how the colonists felt about themselves before 1775.
11) Describe how the colonists felt about themselves AFTER 1775.

12) How did the King G III and Parliament respond to the …

- protests/boycotts of the patriots? - Boston Massacre?

- trouble the patriots caused? - Boston Tea Party?
13) Explain the significance of Paul Revere’s engraving of the Boston Massacre.
14) Explain the significance of Paul Revere’s (and William Dawes’) ride.
15) What became evident when the patriots and British troops clashed?
16) Why were Patriot troops more successful than the British troops at the Battle of Concord ?

Remember: They were out-numbered, didn’t have as many weapons, etc.

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