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Module Number 31035

Psychology Third Year Research Project

University of Hull

Department of Psychology



Academic Year

2014 – 2015


Choosing a supervisor and topic

Appendix 3. List of areas and topics supervised by staff for Third Year Projects

Module Information

Project dates and deadlines

What is the third year research project?

What does the third year project involve?

Module Manager

Meeting with your project supervisor

Time management

A suggested timetable

Reviewing the literature

Project Design

Statistical procedures

Ethical approval and risk assessment

Documenting ethics

Working with children or other vulnerable participants

Project costs and logistics

Participant Recruitment

Writing the Project Report

Production requirements for the Project Report *

Availability of previous years’ reports

Assessment of the Report

Penalties for late submission, etc.

Supervisor feedback

Poster preparation

Poster specifications

Hints on producing your poster

Assessment of the poster

Submission of the poster

Appendix 1: Assessment criteria for Year 3/4 projects based on descriptions of degree classifications.

Appendix 2. Description of work by degree/grade classification for Third Year Research Project Poster Presentation.

Appendix 3. List of areas and topics supervised by staff for Third Year Projects

The regulations in this Handbook are correct at the time of going to press. However, the Department reserves the right to make alterations as and when necessary. Alterations are published on the Department’s website:

Module Information

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31035: Research Project (2 semester)

14/15 Session
Basic Information

Module Level

Level 6

Nature of Study

Taught Programme



European Credit Transfer Scheme


Probable Attendance



Hull Campus

This module is not available as a Free Elective

This module is not available as a postgraduate training module

This module is not available to Exchange students

Module Rationale

This module is designed to offer Psychology students the experience of undertaking psychology research grounded in experimental approaches and to develop their research skills through working alongside a supervisor and engaging in independent empirical work.

Aims and Distinctive Features

The overall aim of the project is to bring together the various components of design, execution, analysis and reporting of research into one major piece of empirical work. Students are matched with a supervisor (on the basis of students' expressed interests) and work with that supervisor from an initial meeting at the end of semester 2 of year 2 through to the completion of the project at the end of year 3 semester 2. In brief, the aims are to:

  • build upon previous experience with practical activities by developing a research question and designing a study to address it.

  • properly and ethically conduct that study, analyse the results obtained and report the results in ways customarily adopted by psychologists.

  • develop students' ability to work independently (with a supervisor) building their research skills.

  • provide an opportunity for students to work closely with an experienced researcher through all aspects of a research project.

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Learning Outcomes

The module has the following Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

i) Review published research relevant to a research question and summarize that research effectively.

ii) Conduct original empirical psychological work.

iii) Collect and analyse data in a manner appropriate to the designed research.

iv) Interpret the results of a study in the context of the research question and the previous research.

v) Report the details of the research in appropriate ways, through properly styled research reports and through engaging, clear, self-explanatory posters.

Learning and Teaching Strategies
The following learning and teaching strategies are used within this module:
10 x 1 hours supervision meetings (10 hours)

Ethics application & risk assessment (10 hours)

Independent research (e.g. literature review, paradigm or questionnaire creation, data collection and analysis) (150 hours)

Research report preparation (190 hours)

Poster preparation (40 hours)

Assessment Strategies

The following assessment strategies are used within this module:

Research report (9000 words, 90%).

Scientific poster using PowerPoint (equivalent to A0 conference poster, 10%).

Reassessment Strategy

As above.

Arrangements for Revision and Private Study

Students are expected to undertake research work outside supervision time, in facilities of their own or provided generally by the University (e.g. library and computer centre) and the Department. Supervisors will be available for consultation via email and during posted office hours.

Module Constraints

No pre/post-requisite requirements have been recorded for this module.

Indicative Content

Varies with the research topic chosen.

The student will learn about the research relevant to a topic negotiated with the supervisor and will apply what has been learned in previous years to developing original research on that topic. The report of that research is the basis for the mark assigned.


Paffley, Gwyneth


Dr J Tipples

Lecturer (Module manager)

Recommended Reading

Varies with the research topic chosen.

Latto, J. and Latto, R. (2009) Study skills for psychology students. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill/Open University Press. ISBN: 978-0335229093

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