On This Day in Postal History: Notable Events by Month/Day/Year

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On This Day in Postal History: Notable Events by Month/Day/Year


January 1, 1856: Mailers were first required to prepay postage using U.S. postage stamps.
January 1, 1911: The Postal Savings System began.
January 1, 1913: Parcel Post began.
January 1, 1918: The first known woman village carrier, Julia McGee, was appointed in Clairton, Pennsylvania.
January 2, 1893: The first commemorative stamps were issued, honoring the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago that year.
January 6, 1997: The first USPS Inspector General, Karla Corcoran, was sworn in.
January 7, 1968: Priority Mail service began.
January 8, 1850: The first U.S. Post Office in Washington State was established, at Olympia. The name of the Post Office was "Nesqually" prior to August 28, 1850.

January 8, 1963: The last dogsled mail route in Alaska ended. It connected Gambell and Savoonga, and had been replaced by airplane service the month before.

January 11, 1971: The first Governors of the Postal Service were appointed.
January 17, 1706: Benjamin Franklin was born.
January 22, 2012: The first Forever stamped card was issued.
January 28, 2013: The first Global Forever First-Class Mail international stamp was issued.

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